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OMG ! WILL THE PM EVER LEARNED ? The Prime Minister Is Wrongly Advised Again And Again.

The Prime Minister Is Wrongly Advised Again And Again.

Well a couple of things. Everyone is now avoiding eastern Ukraine airspace. MAS, kiasu Singapore airlines and the Ukrainians themselves. They have closed the air corridor. Suddenly everyone acknowledges that the air corridor is 'not safe'. So much for that ICAO 'all clear'. Incompetent morons. 295 lives have been lost and they are still in 'We are children' mode.

Now the moron advisors have advised the Clueless PM to call for an emergency sitting of Parliament on Wednesday July 23 to "debate" (yes the word used was "bahas") the loss of MH17. 

What for? What are you going to 'bahas'? This is just making a circus out of the tragedy for your own glamour. Thats all. Totally insensitive for the feelings of 295 families and loved ones. Call the Press, take pictures and make a splash in the newspapers. I have a question Mr Clueless PM - will you be answering any questions from the Press? Or will that not be a wise thing to do?

How come there was no special sitting of Parliament to 'bahas' MH370? With no less regard to all the families concerned, MH370 was a more traumatic and horribly depressing tragedy - until today we do not know where MH370 went. MH17 is a tragic victim of trigger happy morons given high powered weapons to play with. 

After MH370 Mr Clueless appeared and made a statement 'Flight MH370 has ended in the Southern Indian Ocean'. Big deal. Then he probably went shopping at the Pavillion (or was that on another day?)  To his great embarrassment just days after it was announced that they were searching in the wrong spot. Now months after, some Aussie and US Navy commanders are even doubting the southern Indian Ocean entirely.

So what is the Clueless PM going to bahas in Parliament on Wednesday? That the plane has crashed in Ukraine? We all know that. It took the local media including Bernama hours to put up pictures of the crash site or even confirm the crash when CNN, BBC and Online media had already done the same.

Will the Parliamentary debate on Wednesday insult the Russians and the pro Russian rebels? You know - toeing the American line? You are already insulting Putin and the pro Russin rebels with that really silly statement  "warning" them not to mess or disturb the crash sight.  That is the Barack Obama line of argument.

Bukan kita sayang Putin, bukan kita sayang pro Russian rebels. There is something much much simpler than that. Its called using your brains. Its like this. The plane has crashed into territory controlled by pro Russian rebels. They control the ground there. They have already recovered the blackboxes. Suka tak suka we will need their assistance. And you want to get cooperation from them by scolding them and threatening them? 'Dont mess with the evidence ah', 'Dont twist the facts ah', 'Dont manipulate the black box data ah', 'Dont  disturb the crash site ah.'  

Can you please be a little bit more polite and show a little bit more sophistication? Where did you numb nuts go to school? Sekolah Kampong Kiki Steering Lock ke?

Here are some hints for the Clueless PM. Moron advisors please take note.

Dont get embroiled in details.  That is not the PM's job.

No matter how sneaky the GLC boys are, dont ever make statements on behalf of MAS. 
Here is the reason why. If the PM makes any statements that appear biased, prejudicial or which are deemed as pre-judging (for or against anyone) then tomorrow when your gomen launches an investigation and comes out with some findings, it could have less credibility. People will say that your biased, prejudiced or pre judgemental statements have already corrupted the outcome of the investigations. Boleh faham ke?

So Mr Clueless PM, please dont  simply read out every single thing written down for you by the morons you have picked as your advisors.

Anyway since you are going to 'bahas' MH17 in Parliament on Wednesday July 23, here are some pointers for you and your MPs.

Firstly please tell Bung Mokhtar that Adolf Hitler died (most likely) in Berlin in 1945. Berlin is in Germany, not in Ukraine.  The capital of Ukraine is Kiev. So no blaming Adolf Hitler ok.

Please tell the UMNO Legal Advisor that the Ukrainian Cabinet does have women Ministers who are most likely still menstruating. They dont have a Sultan so they do not need to get a certificate from a gynaecologist before they go to work every morning. This is a very important point ok.

There are about 200,000 Muslims in Ukraine. Another 300,000 Muslims live in the Crimean Peninsula which has now reverted back to Russia. Considering that the population of Ukraine is about 45 million it means Ukraine IS NOT a Muslim majority country ok. And although their women can be very pretty not all of them do drugs by the beach. Just bear these in mind ok.

There is a conflict now in the Ukraine between native Ukrainian speaking peoples and a significant number of Russian speaking people on the eastern side of the country. There is a shooting war going on now between these two sides. 

The Americans support the Ukrainain speaking side and Vladimir Putin supports the Russian speaking Ukrainians (err..because Putin is also Russian). Ukraine may split again - but that is none of our business ok. Neither should Gaza be any of our business either but that may be too much for today.

Akhir kalam, no finger pointing at anyone in our Parliament. We dont have any evidence yet.  Dont listen to the Americans all the time. (Yes there are the pro US dunggus among your advisors - who are screwing you up royally).

Do try to answer questions from the Press. That 'flying through a confict zone' question is not going to go away for a while. Oh one last point - please ask your advisors to explain to you what in the world is a NOTAM and how it works among pilots flying the world's airways. Just for your info ok. Dont say anything about NOTAMs.

Here is a picture of Mr Clueless. Gambar hiasan saja ok. Tak payah buat Police Report. Relak ok. Jangan burnout terlalu cepat.

source : outsyed the box

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