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GREAT ARTICLE TO READ : Joceline : Anwar In Another Backfirer

Joceline : Anwar In 

Another Backfirer

Does anyone recall the movie Idiocracy? It was a funny movie about this country where people are really dumb.  For example their crops kept failing because instead of watering the plants they poured Gatorade (known as Brawndo in the movie) on their plants. Why? Because Gatorade (Brawndo) had electrolytes. Here is a scene from Idiocracy :

So the hero in the movie has 24 hours to solve the problem. Of course he solves their problem. It shows that when you ar dumb, most of your problems are really quite easy to solve.  

Now here is some local news. Our country is becoming like this Idiocracy. I think it has already.  Joceline Tan's column in The Star  yesterday  is titled "Move backfires on Anwar". I think it is tongue in butt. Here is the gist :
  • Anwar's bid to make wife Mentri Besar has started to unravel 
  • top PAS leadership openly expressing support for Khalid Ibrahim.
  • Hadi: PAS throws support behind Khalid.
  • Hadi told journalists he wants Khalid to continue as Mentri Besar.
  • PAS leaders against Kajang Move 
  •  they are quite fed-up with the PKR power struggle. 
  •  plot to topple Khalid come at great price to reputation of PKR and Pakatan 
  •  public opinion about the Selangor government has gone down
  •  plunge began after the ill-conceived Kajang Move.
  • Selangorians did not buy Kajang Move because it was nonsensical
  •  PKR’s standing has been tarnished by a problem-riddled party polls.
  • The Kajang Move has been an epic disaster.
  • PAS stand on Mentri Besar serious setback for PKR particularly for Anwar. 
  • He seems to have lost magic touch 
  • his party has lost its hold over the Selangor middle ground.
  • The Selangor population is quite sophisticated and informed. 
  •  PKR engineered an unnecessary by-election 
  •  Then force a popular Mentri Besar to resign for an untested woman.
  • Selangorians are not exactly eager for her to take over. 
  •  Khalid is certainly the cleanest MB to date.
  • There has not been a whiff of financial scandal 
  •  those behind plot already implicated having links with water concessionaire.
  • days when people would believe anything Anwar said or did coming to an end. 
  • trouble convincing his own party his wife qualified for Mentri Besar job.
  • Anwar rejected appeals to nominate both Azmin and Dr Wan Azizah for Mentri Besar
  • relationship between mentor and mentee has truly broken down 
  • Anwar ..would help him continue as Mentri Besar if Khalid got rid of Faekah Husin.
  • Anwar going behind the back of Pakatan to promote his wife.
  • accused Anwar of nepotism 
  • “Because of rivalry the whole state sacrificed, interests of people set aside,” 
  • In any other party, it would have been condemned as nepotism
  • few people really believe that she has what it takes for the job
  •  party under pressure to deliver to the expectations of the electorate. 
  •  Figureheads and token roles are not plausible anymore
  • does she have know-how and skills to administrate Selangor
  • Rafizi keen on her because they want to be the power behind a weak leader. 
  • Khalid and Azmin factions blamed Rafizi for giving Anwar bad advice 
  • PKR is on a bad momentum at the moment 
  • His devastating court conviction in March 
  • He is not in a good place at the moment 
  • will get worse if his wife fails to make it  
Some of you liwatters think that I dislike Anwar because he backfires. You must be nuts. I lived almost five years in the United States in the 80s when most of you would not even know what a gay was.  I knew gay people and even had them among my friends. Big deal. They were all over the place - even then.

And before that in school in Malaysia I had classmates (two) who were definitely of the gay persuasion.  One of them used to be a real close friend. Now 40 years later they are still the same.  So big deal.

I disliked Anwar because he used to go around claiming to be a 'saya pemimpin Islam'. You want to backfire the Rapid KL Bus' exhaust pipe go ahead. Saya peduli apa.  But dont go around claiming 'saya pemimpin Islam'. That is a no no.  You are fooling people.

And I also knew the ABIM boys quite well throughout the 80s and 90s. They were real holier than thou pr*cks who went around as if they were their god's (yes it is lower case) gift to the Malay race.  Then when the backfire thing came up they all became hypocrites Class A.  Defending their Pak Sheikh's backside. Real Class A Buntots.

The problem with Anwar is exactly the same as Najib Tun Razak. Both are real duds. (And so this becomes your problem too).  The country is in deep shit because the PM is such a dud. The PKR is in deep shit because Anwar is such a dud.

I have said again and again and again and I will say it again - Anwar knows nuts about the economy, running a state or nation or even managing a political party. He is a total dud.

And the popularity of these duds is solid proof of the failed education system in this country. There are thousands of people who think that somehow Najib, Anwar etc are good for the country. Some say 'what other choices do we have'? How about the Panda caretaker at the zoo? It requires some skill sets to be a Panda caretaker. 

By the way the PM says he will visit Holland to sort out the MH17 thingy. Sort out what? The crash site is in the Ukraine. Why not go to the Ukraine? Thats what the Dutch are saying as well.

What is the point of going to Holland? The DNA testing is a set procedure. You can only expedite it by hiring more DNA labs and more DNA technicians. That just costs money. You can talk on the phone and sort that out. You dont need the PM to go to Holland to sort that out.
Kalau berani pi lah jumpa Putin. That is the bear that you want to hug over the Ukraine.

Back to the PKR. Did you know that the PKR party election is still not over yet? It has been THREE MONTHS and we dont know when their elections will be over.  India with over 1.0 billion population conducted their general elections in just two weeks. Our General Election was done in less than 24 hours. 

The PKR party election has now dragged on for THREE MONTHS. Their people have lodged police reports and even threatened law suits against each other. Where is that Ambiga?  And the PKR is real family business. Papa 'adviser'. Mama president, ADUN and now MB wannabe. Daughter MP and rising star. 

Just some awkward questions - where is the economy heading? Retail sales this fasting month are actually down 40% - to 50%. Did you all know that? Does Najib or Anwar know that? Do the cojones carriers for both sides know that?

I have it from the horses' mouths. We are business people. That means we work for a living lah. No bumming around. No waiting for that 'gimme gimme some money' thingy.

Raya sales this year are down. Our own sales are down about 40% from bulan puasa last year. Kedai jual baju sales are down, the makcik jual barang also says her sales are down. Suwariyah the tudung wholesaler behind my premises says her sales are down 50% this bulan puasa, from RM300,000 last year to about RM150,000 this bulan puasa.

My neighbour jewellers say their sales are down 50% - from as far back as January 2014. People who sell light fixtures say sales are down. 

When we go to the banks in the afternoon, the lines at the 'Cash Deposit' machines are very short this year. That means the business owners are depositing less cash because their sales are less.

So what? What does this mean? Lets say you tell this to Anwar Ibrahim. Or to Najib Razak. What do you think they will do?  Maybe garu teloq. Maybe Najib will scratch Anwar's butt? Travel to Pakisetan? Or Kurdisetan? Hand out another round of BR1M? Just exactly what will they do?

There was a report a few days ago that 40% of our population was in that economic category whose growth in their income and wealth is falling way behind. I am not talking about the poverty level. It is about the growth in income. It is slowing down, particularly for this 40% group. 

Err lets make a guess folks - do you think they are Chinese? I dont think so. Indians? Maybe some. Malay? Bumiputra, Kadazan? Most likely. The disparity is increasing. And this is after having graduated from the university, BR1M etc.

An old friend from Penang came by a couple of days ago. His daughter is all grown up. She returned from the US more than a year ago. JPA scholar who was sent to study chemical engineering. Tak ada kerja for more than a year. Gomen got no vacancies. At last she has landed a research job at a gomen university.  A huge segment of the population is dependent on the gomen.

My son graduated as an architect a year and a half ago. He said he wanted to take some time off after studying for almost five years. He went scuba diving in Bali, off the east coast, went to Sabah and just hung out. Soon six months went by and the wife and I were getting worried.

'Yo its about time to get a job?' we asked him. So he went into the Net. Zeroed in on this Chinese firm that he identified and sent them an email - in careful English. They called him for an interview straightaway. The Boss had a conversation with him for about two hours. They hired him. This is the private sector. If they need you they will take you.

I thank Allah my son is working going into his second year now.  He works very hard. I have always told my boys - work as hard as you can. And now is the time, when you are young, to beat yourself up with work. There is always a vacancy for anyone who works hard. And there are always vacancies at the top. Especially in the private sector.

But not in the PKR. To get to the top you have to be papa, mama or dota. Tahu warna tahu bunyi is an added plus. 

With the dumbno guys pula it is easy money all the way. No need to work. We now have fathers who got rich from easy money. But the fathers were not able to impart much survival skills or business skills to their kids. So now the second generation menganggur lah. 

Nak dapat easy money pun bukan senang dah. The queue for easy money now is longer than the N-S Hiway.  Plus the mamaks are cutting in. Jangan main dengan mamak. Depa lagi 'shrewd'.  The Mamak Gang connection goes right up to the PM and the Cabinet. Lu ada apa?

What about the other  60%?  We had a 'terawih makan durian' at that famous 'all you can eat' durian stall the other day. You know the one in PJ.  

More than a dozen of our gang attended. The place was packed full.   The durian buffet stall  certainly did not have a 40% drop in sales for the fasting month. It is located in a Chinese area. The Chinese people have money to spend. They work hard, they eat well and they live well. That is what life is all about. 

Some of you may ask : so what should we do? There are many things that we must do - starting yesterday. There are a thousand things to be done. Get your priorities right. Hangpa sibuk nak pi ukur tepi kain orang lain buat apa? There were none of the 40% lower income bracket in sight.

But I am not the PM. Go ask the PM what to do. The PM is paid to do the job of "what should we do?" Go ask Anwar Ibrahim. Tighten your belts first.

But the PM is off to Holland.  Anwar is off to enjoy free food and lodging. Maybe some of you want to call the ISIL Khalifah? He will solve your problems by chopping off your head?  I suspect he is another creation of the Mossad.

Here is another option. Read OutSyed The Box. Tapi kena ikut. Kalau tak mahu ikut 'Aku Peduli Apa'? I am not the PM. Or his wife. Ha ha.

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