Sunday, 29 March 2015

Rafizi is too dangerous!

Rafizi is too dangerous!

I think Rafizi Ramli has lost his balance. He fails to tell which is left and right; what is right and wrong.

He is going too far, too overboard for his possessiveness over Anwar Ibrahim. He dares and challenges the law, the authority and the Constitution.

To me, he is more dangerous than Anwar who is convicted of sodomy. He is a threat to national security for trying to 'break Anwar free' from Sungai Buloh Prison. If not, what is his motive and agenda in continuing assault on the government?
KUALA LUMPUR: PKR secretary-general Rafizi Ramli has been arrested for issuing a statement on Saturday’s #KitaLawan rally.
The Pandan MP was been apprehended at 3pm, Friday in Pandan Prima under the Sedition Act.
Inspector-General of Police Tan Sri Khalid Abu Bakar confirmed that authorities would question Rafizi over the letter, claiming that his call for supporters to attend the rally was an “order for people to break Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim out of prison”.
“We want to question him on what he meant by asking people to mobilise and demand Anwar’s release. 
“We don’t know if he is trying to ask people to break Anwar out of prison.
“People who do not understand the letter will come up with different meanings to what he is asking for,” Khalid told reporters during a press conference at the Concorde Hotel, Friday evening.
He added that police had tolerated the #KitaLawan movement long enough.
“This time if they want to gather, we are done monitoring them. It’s time for all of them to be arrested."
To the police, take 'em all in. If they harbor ill-intention to 'break' into then prison, keep and charge them in court and ensure they join Anwar in Sungai Buloh.

This is subversive and totally unacceptable.

Rafizi himself poses more danger to the peace and harmony. He incites hatred towards the government by wanting to become a 'democracy' general but the democracy he fights for is actually akin to staging a coup.

And he lies too!
PETALING JAYA: The remark made by PKR vice-president Rafizi Ramli in The Edge Financial Daily could spark religious conflict in this country, the Sessions Court heard today.
Hulu Langat Umno Youth division chief Mohd Halim Wahab said Rafizi’s claim that Selangor Umno hurled a Molotov cocktail at a church could raise tension and cause chaos.
Mohd Halim, 39, said the allegation could also bring shame to Selangor Umno.
“Rafizi’s allegation could cause tension betweeen two religions, namely Islam and Christianity and because of this, a police report was lodged.”
“I was with my friends in Hulu Langat Umno division office talking about the Kajang by-election when a friend showed me an article in The Edge Financial Daily.”
“Rafizi’s remark in the newspaper article made me feel angry,” he said testifying against Rafizi, who is alleged to have insulted Umno members via the article titled, ‘Will Rafizi Quit If Selangor Is Not Toppled?
Rafizi was charged with committing insult with intention to provoke a breach of peace at The Edge Malaysia Communication Sdn Bhd, KLK Tower, Jalan PJS 7/6, Mutiara Damansara at 11.40am on February 4, 2014.

Another thing Rafizi and Anwar's supporters and sympathizers should know is the fact that Anwar will remain in prison to complete his 5-year term, and he is no more a Member of Parliament.
KUALA LUMPUR: Senior federal counsel Amarjeet Singh says the petition for a royal pardon over Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim's sodomy conviction by his family has been disposed, and he is no longer Permatang Pauh MP.
"Our stand is a decision has been made. The Constitution has spoken for itself," Amarjeet said to reporters.
However, Anwar's lawyers N. Surendran, Latheefa Koya and Dr Dheeraj Bhar said the decision by the Pardons Board was not confirmed and would only be made known in the Appellate and Special Powers Court here on Wednesday.
The decision was conveyed to Anwar's lawyers in the form of an affidavit issued by Datuk Nursiah Arshad, the Prime Minister's Department legal affairs director-general, who is also part of the Pardons Board secretariat.
Amarjeet said the applicants had asked for the delay in announcing the decision in order to convey it to Anwar first.
Rafizi and Gang are getting notorious, breaking rules and laws on the platform of Anwar's freedom. They oppose a 'one way street' to champion politics of crap!

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