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#MH370 MYSTERY...MH370: Pakatan's Mujahid plays God!

MH370: Pakatan's Mujahid plays God!

Anwar Ibrahim has been accusing PM Najib Tun Razak as the man responsible for 'hiding the truth' about MH370 while Lim Kit Siang said the Barisan Nasional was so weak and 'handicapped' it the search and rescue (SAR) operations.

Lim Lip Eng - also has rectracted his stupid remark about MH370 - was insinuating that Pakatan Rakyat could manage the crisis better if they were allowed to take change of the navy and air force.

And Mujahid Yusof Rawa poked fun at Hishammuddin Tun Hussein by saying the country needs no new equipment to enhance its surveillance but a needs a new government instead.

This is how the opposition contributes to the solving of the MH370 mystery. Instead of sharing idea, they only came up with shabby critics, mocking all parties involved and claimed they should be the ones managing the crisis, and not others whom they condemned as impotent!
Instead what Malaysia needs most was a new government who can handle such a major crisis responsibly, he said.
"It is not about whether the existing radar is of low quality or that those monitoring were asleep when the plane allegedly flew across the Straits of Malacca," Mujahid said at a dinner organised by the Penang PAS Supporters Club in Bayan Lepas last night.
"It's strange that the government is saying that they will buy a new radar system. It is not about a new radar, we need a new government!" Mujahid exclaimed, drawing cheers from the 100 odd crowd.
Among those present at the event to enhance PAS ties with non-Muslims were the Penang Catholic Bishop Sebastian Francis.
"This aging government could not even handle that breach of security of the country and they have the guts to tell us they want to buy new radar?" Mujahid quipped.
He was responding to a statement by acting Transport Minister Hishammuddin Hussein late last night that he has to find the money to change the country's radar system.
The opposition members who attended the event were cheerful and jeered at BN and at how Malaysia - together with 26 nations participating in the SAR - failed to locate the plane after it goes missing on March 8.

They made fun of the government, the MH370 victims and their families, showing how much political fanaticism has turned their brains and hearts into inhumanity, and yet they self-proclaimed as being Muslims!

I am perturbed by all these idiotic and heartless behavior. They prefer to play God instead of angels.

While the whole world came together for the MH370, some of us Malaysians could not be bothered with the incident. When did PAS or even Mujahid himself organise a 'solat hajat' for the victims of MH370?

I think they rather pray for the failure of the SAR as it will put Malaysia for condemnation!


  1. memang tak manis apa yang dia cakap tu, seolah-olah kerajaanlah yang atur semua ni, macam yang tian chua cakap pasal operasi lahad datu.

    beginikah seorang ahli politik yang berpelajaran?
  2. is PAS really an islamic party?

    i think its time to open the door to the non-muslims!
  3. orang macam dia ni, taik babi lebih elok baunya daripada mulut dia!
  4. salam tn,

    mujahid ni seorang ahli politik aiskrim. dia macam budak2 yang akan menangis bila tak diberikan aiskrim dan akan juga menangis jika aiskrimnya tak sedap atau cair cepat.

    dia gagal gunakan otaknya yang dianugerahkan Allah itu bagi maksud yang baik dan membaw faedah kepada orang lain.

    dia sebaliknya menggunakan otaknya untuk memenuhi tuntutan serakah nafsu politik sendiri.

    dia tidak dapat mengawal fikiran dan hatinya sendiri.

    saya tak pasti sama ada orang begini boleh dianggap pemimpin kerana orang jahat pun ada pengikutnya!
  5. stupid asshole!

    he should be on the plane!
  6. mereka bersuka ria, bersorak-sorai di atas kesedihan dan kedukaan orang lain, mencemuh semua usaha untuk mencari kapal terbang berkenaan dan memperkecil-kecilkan bantuan negara asing.

    inikah orang PAS? inikah pemimpin PAS? inikah manusia?
  7. nama je mujahid.

    nama cukup baik di sisi islam tetapi perangai seperti bakal isi neraka!

    setan pun takut dengan dia ni!
  8. these people are more than idiotic. they are insane!

    they dont feel sad, no sorrow, no tears.

    they only know how to laugh at other peoples' sadness.

    they are equal to the pigs!
  9. dia patut tukar nama.

    tak elok guna nama mujahid.

    source : just read!
    patut tukar kepada netanyahu ke, benjamin ke... anwar ke..

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