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#MH370 MYSTERY ... TERKINI ! PESAWAT #MH370 - IMEJ OLEH AIRBUS DEFENCE & SPACE ! #prayformh370 @HishammuddinH2O

TERKINI ! PESAWAT #MH370 - IMEJ OLEH AIRBUS DEFENCE & SPACE ! #prayformh370 @HishammuddinH2O

122 objek telah dikenal pasti oleh satelit kira-kira 2,557 kilometer daripada Perth, Australia :  
The objects were found in satellite images from a 400 sq km area around 2,557km (1588 miles) from Perth in Western Australia, Mr Hishammuddin said. 
He said that it was not possible to tell whether the potential objects were from the missing aircraft, but called them "another new lead that will help direct the search operation". 
The images were supplied by French-based Airbus Defence and Space and were given to the Malaysian Remote Sensing Agency on 25 March, Mr Hishammuddin said. 
The images were passed on to the Australian Rescue and Co-ordination Centre in Perth on Tuesday, he added. 

The latest images are the fourth known collection of satellite picturesshowing possible debris in the southern Indian Ocean. No pieces have yet been recovered in the search area, which has now been split into aneast and west section.
MiM juga ingin berkongsi dengan anda sekalian, jawapan mantap DS Hishammuddin Hussein apabila ditanya tentang sikap warga negara China :
Mr Hussein also defended his Government over growing Chinese criticism about the handling of the disaster.

He said until the debris is found the one question Chinese relatives are asking cannot be answered. 
And in a veiled reference to the Chinese reaction, where there have been angry scenes and water bottles hurled at Malaysian officials and protest marches, Mr Hussein said many nations had lost loved ones. 
“Time will heal emotions that are running high. We fully understand but for the Chinese families they must also understand that we in Malaysia also lost loved ones. There are so many nations that lost loved ones. 
“I have seen some images coming from Australia, very rational, understanding that this is a global effort, not blaming directly ... because we are co-ordinating something that is unprecedented,” Mr Hussein said.
Pencarian debri MH370 menjadi lebih sukar disebabkan arus lautan Hindi yang sangat kuat dan juga cuaca yang tidak menentu. 

Debri boleh hanyut 30-60 batu sehari di Lautan Hindi

Anda lihat penjelasan dalam video di bawah : 

Video : Kenyataan tentang debri dan pasukan SAR

Di bawah adalah suasana lautan Hindi yang perlu ditempuh oleh pasukan SAR :

Video : rough sea

source : dr mim

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