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Ridhuan Tee hits out at deputy speaker for keeping silent on parliamentary dress code

APRIL 14, 2014
Controversial lecturer Dr Ridhuan Tee Abdullah weighed in on the issue of parliamentary dress code issue when he hit out at deputy Dewan Rakyat speaker Datuk Ismail Mohamed Said for not censuring DAP's Teresa Kok (pic) for her "improper attire" last week.

Ridhuan in his column in Malay daily Sinar Harian today said the dress code in Parliament has been flouted since the ruling Barisan Nasional coalition failed to secure its two-thirds majority in the house.
"Parliament has become like a market and it is possible that one day, someone will turn up in shorts," he said.
Kok, the Seputeh MP, was in a red blouse and skirt that reached the knees in Parliament last week.
Ridhuan described her dressing like a "nyonya pasar" (market auntie) and said it was "shocking".
"Unfortunately, the deputy speaker did not heed the criticism against this woman by other MPs.
"So it is not impossible that after this, someone will come wearing shorts or without trousers at all.
"Regulations are regulations, regardless of the day," Ridhuan said in his column.
He said BN had been soft towards the Pakatan Rakyat opposition but this approach would not change PR's stand to oppose every policy forwarded by BN.
Malaysia must learn from Singapore, he said, because the republic's strictness had ensured harmony in the country.
He said the Parliament was the highest institution in the nation, where MPs were watched by the people, so their behaviour must be exemplary.
"If there is a need to be strict, then it must be done. Being soft will not make them respect or support us.
"Kaduk sudah naik junjung (a contemptible person thinks he is noble). They are stepping on your heads. Haven't you realised?"
Kok was subjected to abuse from several MPs in the house.
BN's Kinabatangan MP Datuk Bung Mokhtar Radin accused her of being dressed inappropriately.
"Her skirt is only until her knees. I can see her knees. How can such clothing be allowed?
"Her blouse is like a T-shirt. It is completely red. This is not how to dress for Parliament," the outspoken MP said.
Kok stood up and demanded he to retract his words.
"Don't you have any other work to do?" she asked.
Ridhuan also urged the government adopt a firm stance in dealing with problems plaguing society today.
He said, of late, there had been many court decisions that went against Islam and incidents of people partying and drinking alcohol until a few had died.
"We can say that anything related to Islam will be challenged and opposed. Are we going to shut out eyes.
"Do not be leaders who are afraid of being firm. When we read the news, it makes us sick. We keep on giving in. Don't we know what are sins and rewards? What is heaven and hell?
"These changes can happen for the sake of Islam and Muslims if the Parliament is not stained.” 
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