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The Abduction Of Pastor Raymond Koh : Very Very Strange.

The Abduction Of Pastor Raymond Koh : Very Very Strange.

This video here is about the abduction of Pastor Raymond Koh on February 13th,  2017.   This video has gone viral. It is available on You Tube.

I hope the family of Pastor Koh will not mind my showing this video on my Blog because the public must know about this.  We have to raise public awareness.  

It has been three weeks since this abduction and there is no clue about the fate of the Pastor.

We must implore the Police to resolve this case quickly and to keep the family as well as the public informed. 

First here is the video :

Here is the Youtube link :

I was quite shocked when I saw this video.  It has been uploaded just today  5th March 2017.

The abductors came in three black SUVs, two sedan cars and two motorbikes, seven vehicles in all.

The 3 SUVs must have had 4 occupants each, the 2 cars had at least 2 occupants each and the motorbikes had one rider each. 

That makes a total of at least  18 people in this abduction gang.

That is a very large gang of abductors.  

For this many people to be involved there must be a complete command and control system. 

The 3 black SUVs arrived in convoy formation,  like those government vehicles used by the FBI and the Secret Service in the USA.  

Obviously the abductors  were not afraid of being noticed.  
In fact it appears that their intention was to be noticed.

That one fellow from one of the cars is actually video taping the entire abduction.

These are not Ah Longs or disgruntled car repossessors.

The Strange YouTube Video

(Oops ! Video mystery solved : 

"The video, which has since been handed over to the police, does not contain any audio and is believed to be CCTV security footage from houses near where the abduction took place in Kelana Jaya.


The make of the SUVs and the cars can be easily identified.  
The vehicle number plates can also be zoomed in by the Police using their software.  
They may be fake number plates or they may not.

I am surprised that with at least : 
  • 18 people involved in this gang
  • with three black SUVs involved
  • two cars and 
  • two motorbikes 
the Police still do not have a lead in this case. It has now been 21 days since the kidnapping took place on Feb 13, 2017.

Here is some news from Free Malaysia Today :
  • “nothing concrete” turned up so far
  • neither police nor us can follow up on information provided, he said.
  • Koh, 62, abducted by group masked men on Jln SS4b/10, PJ
  • less than 100 metres from Police Housing Complex. 
  • 2011 JAIS accused his NGO Harapan Komuniti of proselytising Muslims
  • raid thanksgiving, fundraising dinner at Damansara Utama Methodist Church
  • Later he received death threat - bullet sent to his home

I am certain that the 3 black SUVs would have been caught on all those CCTVs that are placed on lamposts and traffic light junctions on our roads (before and after the abduction). 

Since the time of the abduction is known (or within some degree of accuracy) the Police can easily check all the CCTVs that are located all over our roads now.

Pastor Koh's son Jonathan has since made a second Police report that he suspects his father has been murdered. No ransom or other demand has been made. 

These are not kidnappers. The abduction was made with other intentions in mind.

This case reminds me of the murder of Dr Joe Fernandez in Kulim, Kedah 17 years ago  in November 2000.  Dr Fernandez was shot by two men on a motorbike when he stopped at a traffic light.  

There was speculation that he was killed because he was involved in converting Malays to christianity.

"Newspapers recalled that before his death, Dr Fernandez had been the subject of poison-pen letters accusing him of helping to convert Muslims to Christianity."

I believe Dr Fernandez's killers were never arrested (willing to be corrected.)

My fear is that some "ISIS type group"  might be involved in the abduction of Pastor Koh. From the video, the abductors are highly organised.  Each one of them knew exactly what to do. They have had training.

And they even filmed the abduction.

We really have to stop all these things happening in this country. 

I am getting tired as well.

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