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President Donald Trump's Speech To The Joint Session Of Congress 28 / 2 / 2017

President Donald Trump's Speech To The Joint Session Of Congress 28 / 2 / 2017

Here is President Donald Trumps speech to a joint session of Congress on 28 February 2017. The video is over an hour long but it is worth listening.

Here is the link :

During his speech that lasted slightly over an hour President Trump received at least 56 STANDING OVATIONS (quite a few from Democrats as well) and many more ovations. 

His very opening remark about Black Awareness and about hating the evil of hate crimes received the first standing ovation.

There was no mention of war, "you are with us or against us" and nothing about 'bad old Russia' or 'China the enemy'

Instead Donald Trump said that America is ready to work with new friends and allies. More significantly he said that old enemies have now become America's strongest allies. Obviously he was referring to Germany and Japan.  Meaning it was not impossible for America to make friends with Russia and China.

There was absolutely no animosity or belligerance in his speech at all. 

Also significantly Trump said that  America should not accept a situation where goods from other countries are imported duty free into America but goods from America are taxed heavily by those same countries.  Trump said he believes not only in free trade but also fair trade.

Quoting the case of Harley Davidson which is slapped with 100% import taxes by a particular country Trump said that will not do.  Meaning the US will exert pressure on such countries to lower their import duties.

In his closing President Trump rallied Americans to renew the American spirit. He called on everyone who was listening to him to seize the moment, to have faith in ourselves, to believe in ourselves and to believe in the future.

President Trump said that since his election on November 8th, 2016 the stock market (Wall Street) had increased by US$3 TRILLION in value !! 

That is 1/6 th or 16% of a US$18 TRILLION GDP ! !  

Immediately after Donald Trump's speech the Tokyo Stock Market rallied and closed slightly higher for the day. I believe the local markets will also rally tomorrow. 

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