Thursday, 30 March 2017

PAS kata UMNO takut MCA

PAS kata UMNO takut MCA.

KT'gganu  : Pas brands BN “dancing to tune” of component parties 

BN unanimously decided not to support RUU355 
Najib announced govt would not table (Act 355)
said decision “in spirit of consensus” of BN Supreme Council
said bill would remain private member’s bill by Hadi Awang
  • T'gganu Pas said BN trying to please MCA
  • "looks like BN scared of MCA"
  • Why flip-flop?” 
  • “We are relooking and examining in entirety” 

My comments :  This is a very significant comment by Pas Terengganu - Hadi Awang's home state.  Obviously PAS feels they have been seriously short changed by Najib.

The winner in all this is also DAP of course. Just days ago Najib was saying that Parti Pribumi and the new Pakatan Harapan will be dancing to the DAP's tune. 

Now PAS is accusing UMNO / BN of dancing to the MCA's tune. MCA has only seven seats in Parliament.

PAS is not aware that there are two other states in Malaysia called Sabah and Sarawak who also do not support this RUU355.  

Talk is that the DAP will contest a certain number of seats only - not enough to form a government all by themselves.  Of course with just seven seats MCA cannot even form a Village Committee.

What Najib has done is actually destroy PAS.  Just by using "cash is king".  

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