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Part 2 : US To File Criminal Charges In Court Against JoLo, MOI, Stepson And Gang

Part 2 : US To File Criminal Charges In Court Against JoLo, MOI, Stepson And Gang

When (not "if") Jolo, stepson and others are locked up inside the US prison system, they will likely meet these guys here. These are 'hombres'.  It will be useful for JoLo, stepson etc to learn some basic Spanish.     This is just to help these crooks stay in 'focus'. 

"No recoja el jabón" - try Google translate.
Hispanic prisoners in jail. (R to L : Happy Manolo, Bucho, 
Ratta, Hesus, Vaca and Loco - partially hidden) 

Here are my comments on the latest Wall Street Journal report (which I have posted earlier) which says that the US AND Singapore are preparing to charge JoLo and others in Court.

There may be some international sensation. The US may charge JoLo first and for certain he will get sent to jail to sleep with some of those guys in the picture above.  Singapore will also want to charge him. So who will charge JoLo in court first? The US or Singapore?  

Because once he is charged (say in the US) then he will not face jail time in Singapore until he completes his jail term in the US. What  - maybe in 15 years or 20 years?   That is too long a  time for Singapore to wait.   

Singapore's man beef is to restore international confidence in the island state as a world financial centre because their reputation has been severely damaged by JoLo and gang laundering all that money through the island.      They will want to charge JoLo in court now.  

It is not impossible that after the US tries and convicts JoLo, he may be shipped over to face trial in Singapore as well.  Then he will be shipped back to the US to complete his prison sentence. Then after that (15 - 20 years later) he will be shipped back to Singapore to begin his jail term in Singapore. Then there are Switzerland, Luxembourg and other jurisdictions.  That is long winded.

But JoLo is in hiding.  They may issue an Interpol warrant for him and after that they must still catch him.  Noose (from Singapore)  suggests that  even before arresting JoLo, BOTH the US and Singapore may begin court proceedings in their courts concurrently - independent of each other.  Because each country (Singapore, the US, Switzerland etc)  have enough evidence of wrongs committed on their own soil to conclude their court proceedings.

(Err . .  . the stepson may not be very far behind JoLo.  These folks are looking at a very long time in prison.)  

Anyway, here are my comments about that Wall Street Journal report.

  • U.S. authorities intend to file criminal charges 
  • international scandal rooted in Malaysia 
  • largest financial frauds ever

My comments :  So 2nd Finance Minister Johari Abdul Ghani, you must be feeling even more stupid now. You said 1MDB is ok because no criminal charges were filed by the US DOJ.  So what other stupid things will you say now? 

civil suits proceeding separately from criminal probe

US$1b assets bought with stolen money
DOJ to add recently discovered property to list 
including US$165m, 300-foot, helipad-equipped yacht Equanimity

Singapore building criminal case against Low

DOJ team just finished visit to Singapore over 1MDB 
  • Low disappeared 
  • has deleted email accounts
  • changes phones regularly 
  • avoids the U.S.
  • said people familiar with his movements

My comments :  The FBI is keeping close tabs on JoLo's whereabouts. The FBI unit based at the US Embassy here in KL is also keeping close watch on the accomplice  - who is in KL. It will be interesting how the FBI will cekup these two guys.    

JoLo's bank accounts frozen by several countries 
Low warned by officials in Malaysia to stay away (from M'sia)

(My comments : Otherwise JoLo may be inspecting an oil drum from the inside).

  • JoLo living in China, Thailand, said those familiar with his comings, goings. 
  • Peninsula Hotel Shanghai staff  describe JoLo as long-term resident. 
  • JoLo's yacht moored in Thai waters since Oct
  • Equanimity recently berthed 40 nights at Ao Po Grand Marina in Phuket
  • at cost of US$20,000, paid from account at Bangkok Bank
(My comments :  I suspect the Wall Street Journal must have got this detailed information from the FBI / DOJ. I dont think the WSJ went all the way to Phuket to check out the marina or they went to the Peninsula Hotel in Shanghai.   The Americans are tracking JoLo.) 

  • Investigations sprang up in six countries.
  • U.S. prosecution filing criminal charges of wire fraud, money laundering 
  • against JoLo and some of his associates (Big Momma, help.)
  • charges increase pressure on Najib
  • Najib was close to JoLo 
  • Najib received US$1b 
  • via network of offshore funds controlled by JoLo
  • U.S. suits refer to “Malaysian Official 1”, refers to Najib

JoLo tried to sell Monet for €26.9 million, using bank on Comoros 
Moroccan Bank rejected it following the U.S. suits. 

(MY comments : Again I believe this type of detailed information about the bank in the Comoros and the Moroccan Bank have been leaked to the WSJ by the FBI / DOJ investigators. There are reasons for this. Do read on.)

  • Court proceedings in New Zealand revealed additional assets 
  • Justice Department now seeking to add assets to its seizure list. 
  • yacht, luxury apartment in Paris, London penthouse 
  • Switzerland has frozen JoLo's bank accounts.

Not to belittle the WSJ's investigative journalism but I suspect a lot of this information has been leaked to them by the US DOJ / FBI investigators.  This is to keep the issue on the front burner. Also to thwart any crooked politicians (like in Obama's camp)  from blocking the case going to trial.

And this is coming out just two days after Johari Ghani the 2nd Finance Minister said the US DOJ has not pressed any charges related to 1MDB in the US courts yet.  Well now you have the answer.  

December did deliver its wrath.  

Hola mi amigo. De donde eres ?

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