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BERITA DARI "NO INCOME NATION" : 6000 Pensyarah / Profesor Universiti Awam Bakal Jadi UBER Drivers !

Nak jual nasi lemak dara tak boleh. Depa bukan 'dara'  dah. 

Here is today's Berita Harian  :

The Star has also commented on this Berita Harian report :
  • 6,000 lecturers, professors terminated, budget cuts
  • total public u lecturers dropped to 29,000 from 35,000
  • budget cuts in 2016, 30% to 40%
  • Educ Ministry's forced universities to cut academic staff 
  • public universities not hiring admin staff 


Folks, "another" 6000 people ie lecturers / professors in gomen universities have lost their jobs.  

This is not High Income or Low Income Nation. This is  the "No Income Nation".

And I can assure you the vast majority of these 6000 will be Malays.  Melayu yang miskin dulu.

I have been warning about this for years and years, particularly in the last two to three years. 

Here is something else interesting. I searched Google for '6000 diberhentikan' and this popped up:

6000 seems to be a recurring number. 

6000 MAS employees terminated. 
6000 GLC staff terminated. 
Now 6000 IPTA lecturers and professors terminated.

That is over 18,000 people terminated in less than 15 months.  

18,000 people have joined the ranks of the "No Income Nation".

Maybe now they qualify for BR1M.

To digress a little - not everyone who has registered for BR1M has received the last BR1M payment on February 18th this year. 
Today is already the 6th of March.  
Duit tak dapat oi. 
Mana duit BR1M kita?

MOI aka B1 (yup have you seen that yet?) is happy sampai "tahap mel_nc_p"  that the number of Malays on BR1M is growing - from 7.0 million it is increasing (or has increased) to 8 million, he said.  He is so happy about that. 

MOI aka B1 is happy that he has successfully increased the number of Malays who have become poor.       He thinks this is a great achievement.  

They are lying to the people. Not everyone who registered and qualifies for the BR1M has received their BR1M money.  

Yo Media people, reporters, journalists please go and check with the people.  Many have not received their BR1M.   Kena tipu.

Coming back to the 6000 university lecturers who have been terminated, what will they do now ?  Will these 6,000  join the other 12,000 (terminated from MAS and the GLCs)  who may have already become Uber drivers ?  

Wow, that means we will have 18,000 Uber drivers.  

Uber driving is now the fastest growing industry in Malaysia. 
And it is being "monopolised" by Malays. 

Without Uber, the other fastest growing industry in Malaysia is of course "unemployment".   And being monopolised by the Malays as well. 

Not all universities are terminating staff.  Many, if not most, of the private universities (foreign as well as local "non bumi" run private universities)  are hiring lecturers and professors and increasing their student intakes. They are becoming more popular than ever.  

Xiamen University, Manipal University, Monash, Nottingham, Curtin are some foreign universities that are attracting students.     

Local private universities like  Sunway, UCSI, Taylors, Segi, UTAR etc are also on a growth mode. 

They have no subsidies. They work hard, their lecturers and professors work hard, most importantly the quality of their education is not only high but it is in demand with what the market needs. Not just in Malaysia but around the whole world.

They are training and producing graduates who can fit into the world markets.

Their medium of teaching is English.

They dont overdose their students with strange "religious" ideas. 

They dont teach their students to look at people of other religions or people of other races as "them".   Or as "enemies".  

They teach their students to look at people of other religions and other races as potential customers, potential suppliers, potential employees, potential employers, potential friends and associates. 

They teach their graduates to go out into the world, reach out and touch someone - positively - by selling the world a useful product or a useful service.

Is this too difficult an idea to understand for the puny cretins?

Benda basic macam ini pun tak boleh faham ke?

People say that we have too many Civil Servants. I totally disagree.

I dont look at the 1.6 million Civil Servants as excess baggage.  

I look at our 1.6 million Civil Servants as a potential army that can help Malaysia conquer the world. Give them to me. I know what to do.

Imagine 1.6 million people waking up early in the morning, clocking in to work at 8 am, performing their tasks professionally, working in lockstep motion, treating each task as a sacred duty to be performed and results delivered.  

Malaysia will colonise Mars before anyone else.
That 1.6 million Civil Servants are potentially a great army. 

We must have faith. Do not lose faith.
We must believe in ourselves.  
All pull in one direction.

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