Tuesday, 7 March 2017

[hot!!!...]...SPRMInsider: FAKTA KES NAJIB RAZAK


I am surprised that the MCMC has not blocked this blogsite :

From someone's previous comment, the site claims to be run by "insiders" from SPRM.  Their material is explosive. 

In the latest post they have uploaded the 19 pages of the Investigation Papers against B1.  B1 is MO1.

You can quickly skim the 19 pages.
The fake Arab names (that The Thingy has highlighted) are mentioned  : 
  • Saud Abdul Azizi Majid Al Saud
  • Prince Saud bin Abdulaziz bin Majid Bin Abdulaziz Al Sauddi
  • Mohamed Abdullah Al Koman ??
Mohamed Abdullah Al Koman ??  Koman as in 'kuman'? 

I think this is another brazenly made up name like Brazen Sky, Tan Kim Loong  (golden dragon as someone explained, thank you) or Saud Abdul Azizi Majid Al Saud.

There is a mention of Prince Faisal Bin Turkey Bin Bandar Al Saud - but according to The Thingy this is the guy who got a commission of US70 million (??) for his part in "transmitting" some of the moneys.

They rigged everything. 

A3 is Tan Kim Loong - the same Eric Tan Kim Loong who has now been identified as Jo Lo. 

Tanore Finance and Falcon Bank are mentioned all over the place. Falcon bank has since been shut down in Singapore. 

The so called "documents" gathered were all generated between all these fake and shady names.     

If you can read the fuzzy script the investigation concludes by saying that the SPRM has no real evidence that all these moneys were real donations.  

The SPRM seeks more evidence and investigation, especially from overseas sources.

But as we all know, the new SPRM boss has closed the file. He says there will be no more investigations.

Its not over yet.   

p.s.  This is a serious leak from within the SPRM.  There are some brave souls who are taking huge risks to expose the truth.  This is the general feeling throughout the Civil Service. 

I believe this "dissension within the ranks"  will ultimately develop its own life.

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