Monday, 2 June 2014

Guan Eng: “monkeys in the zoo”

Guan Eng: “monkeys in the zoo”

The fourth precept of Buddhism is to have respect for Truth.
The DAP displayed no qualms about the lies permeating their candidate’s campaign in Teluk Intan.
I once asked readers if they felt besieged by the DAP. Why do so many Malaysians feel themselves to be under siege by the DAP’s ruthless brand of politics?
The DAP is all about the Politics of Hate. Theirs is the Culture of Lies. Hence they have created a climate of hatred and perpetual slander.
Twitter - cmlimguaneng
Twitter - cmlimguaneng- Teluk Intan
Dapsters condone and furthermore consciously choose to buttress the mendacity of their evangelista leaders.
Dyana Sofya has lost the by-election. Yet look at the behaviour of her mentor and their supporters. Any reasonable and rational person would be terribly distressed by the DAP.
The party has only tasted power a little over 5 years but already they’re stressing decent folks to death.
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