Thursday, 12 June 2014

Alamak, PMO!

Alamak, PMO!

I don't understand why the PMO issued the statement (below), explaining PM Najib's position in protecting the freedom of online media, his defamation suit against news portal Malaysiakini and merits of the case.

And I am equally dismayed at how his media advisers assumed that such a statement would put more weight to the suit and draw people's comprehension.

Frankly, it sounds so apologetic, defensive and pathetic! Also, stupid!
KUALA LUMPUR, June 11 (Bernama) -- The defamation suit filed by Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak against Malaysiakini news portal and its top two editors does is not indicate any wider agenda, the Prime Minister's Office said in statement today.
The statement said, in a speech at the National Press Club here on May 26, Najib had said that he welcomed criticism which is informed and constructive.
The statement quoted the Prime Minister as saying in his speech:
"In a democracy, there will always be people who disagree with your policies or disapprove of your government. I welcome criticism which is informed and constructive.
"There is a difference between legitimate criticism and defamation. It is my legal team's opinion that recent allegations by an online news portal overstepped the line. They have therefore issued a legal notice. I want be very clear that this does not indicate any wider agenda.
"That it is not part of any crackdown; it is not an attempt to silence critical voices. It is a matter of acting on specific accusations which cross the line from fair comment into slander."
In the same speech, Najib also noted that both government and opposition leaders in this country have taken legal action against organisations which they believe have breached the law and that is not unusual in democracies, legal action against alleged defamation in the media is an appropriate recourse.
"It is part of another balancing act. The balance open to constructive public criticism whilst holding public office and the fundamental right to protect your dignity and your good name from being recklessly attacked as a result of political beliefs," he said.
On May 30, Najib filed a defamation suit over the publication of two articles entitled "A case of the PM reaping what he sows" and "How much will Najib spend to keep Terengganu?".
The statement added that these articles, which were based on readers' comments, selected and then re-published by Malaysiakini made a slew of false and defamatory allegations against the prime minister, including insinuating his involvement in serious crime.
After the articled were published, the prime minister's team wrote to Malaysiakini and requested that the articles be removed and an apology issued but Malaysiakini refused and instead published the private legal letter and further articles, it said.
"Malaysia has free and open online media. A cursory glance at the online media shows its independent-news portals frequently criticise both the prime minister and the government and engage in robust political debate.
"The prime minister has frequently stated his commitment to protect the freedom of Malaysia's online media. The defamation case does not undermine this commitment," the statement added.
What's the point? You may issue thousands of similar statement but the opposition and their 'cocky' foreign friends still label the suit as containing an agenda to stopgap his critics. No matter how defensive and 'clean' we are, they say it's not right for PM to sue Mkini.

Only the oppositions have the rights to sue news portal, drag newspapers and bloggers to court, banning reporters from official functions and burning newspapers. Call it double standard but everybody knows what kind of skunk mentality they have.

My advice, just fight the case in court!

No need going around avowing our legitimate rights to do so!

Malu lah macam ni! General election is still far away...

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