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EXPOSED !! Why Jewish Child Wise. Parenting Skills The Power!

Why Jewish Child Wise. Parenting Skills The Power!

Why Jewish Wisdom?
Having been in Israel for three years in several hospitals undergo housemanship there, there are some interesting things I can see to be the thesis of "Why Smart Jews?". There is no doubt many Jewish scholars, from all disciplines, Engineering, music, the great scientist and is in business where it is most prominent. Nearly 70% of businesses in the world dominated by the Jews, from cosmetics, clothing, food, weapons, hotels, filming in Hollywood and so on.
During the second year, the end of December 1980 and I was counting the days to return to California I wondered why the Jews are so smart? Why would God give advantage to them? Is this a coincidence? Or if the man himself? Is it wise can be generated? As factory production?
So I made a pounds moved thesis for my PhD, in addition to universal and kindness to the people can live in harmony. To your knowledge of this thesis that I do take a period of nearly eight years, is his deep to collect the data as accurately as possible.
Among the data that I have gathered is diet, customs, religion, initial preparation for reproduction and so on and the data just now, I tried to compare it with the nations and peoples of other races.
Let us start with the preparation of the reproduction. In Israel, knowing that the mother was pregnant, the first time I noticed was, the mother would often sing and play the piano and the mother and father would buy books Prove mathematically Prove mathematically and solve problems with her husband, I was surprised because my friends are pregnant often Prove mathematically bring a book and asked me some questions that he could not menyelesaikanya, because I was passionate about Prove mathematically, of course I'm happy to help him. I asked her, do this for your child? He replied, "it is, this is for my son who is still in the content, I was training his brain, Have a good it is to be a genius when he grows up"
This makes me interested to follow his progress next. Returning to the earlier Prove mathematically, without feeling jenoh he made ​​Prove mathematically training until she gave birth.
Another thing I noticed was her diet, since the beginning of her pregnancy love to eat almonds with milk and palm, and for his midday meal is the main bread and fish without head with a mixed salad with almonds and various types of beans, according to his flesh fish really good for the development of the brain and the head of the fish contain chemicals that can damage the bad child's brain development and growth in content. According to him this is the custom of the Jews during pregnancy and it becomes a kind of obligation to the mothers who are pregnant take fish oil pills.
When I was invited to have dinner with the Jewish people, the first thing I noticed was that their menu. Each invitation I find myself noticed was they loved to eat fish (just fill or fillet) and usually there will be no meat at the table. If there are fish, according to them, a mixture of meat and fish is not good eaten together. Lettuce and peas are a must, especially almonds. The strange thing is that they will eat the fruit before eating the main meal. Do not be surprised if you are invited to the house of your Jewish fruit will be served first. According to them, by eating a carbohydrate meal (rice or bread) first, then fruits, this will cause us to feel sleepy and weak and difficult to understand 

at school.
In Israel, smoking is taboo, when you are invited to eat at home Jews, never was smoking, and without shame they will tell you to get out of their homes and smoking outside their homes. According to scientists at the University of Israel, the investigation showed nicotine can damage the cells of the human brain and will be attached to genes, that means the descendants of smokers will take generations that do mentally retarded (stupid or slow).
A terrible discovery that encountered by scientists who explore the field of genes and DNA. Smokers please take care. (The irony of it, the owner is the biggest cigarette dispensing ...... tekalah itself ..!)
I further note is visited their kindergarten, children eating enough earlier controlled, early food is fruit with almonds, followed by swallowing fish oil pills (code oil lever) In my observation, brilliant Jewish children and they understand the average of 3 languages, Hebrew, Arabic and English, and since the start they have been trained to play the piano and violin, this is an obligation. According to them play music and understand the notes thereto can enhance children's IQ and certainly will make a smart boy.
This is according to Jewish scientists, music can stimulate tremors (like exercise for the brain) so that there are a great many musical genius composed of Jews. Next to the standard 1 to 6, children will be taught Prove mathematically Jewish concept of business and science very much a priority. In my personal attention, in comparison with children in California, it is much different on IQ and I can say 6 years back!.
All lessons will be easily captured by the Jewish child. Aside from the sport earlier studies also compulsory for them and the sport YG priority is archery, shooting and running, according to my friends, archery and shooting can train the brain to focus a thing of the service as well simplify the preparation for the country.
Further observation I go to a high school (secondary) students here pupil eyes pressed with science subjects and encouraged them to create a product, all the projects although they  sometimes seem funny and ridiculous, remains seriously investigated how much more 

It's a weapon, medicatin and engineering, the idea will be brought to a high at the Polytechnic Institute and University.
Another antecedent is given priority business faculty. I was so surprised to see them as aggressive and serious they are about business. At the end of college days, students are required to deal the fielda and do kanya and you will only pass if your group (10 students per group) to a profit of $ US1M! You are surprised? That's true, with a worldwide network and is sponsored by the Jewish-owned company, it is not surprising that they can dominate the world of business ½! Who Create the design Levis latest YG? It was created at the University of Israel by the faculty of business and fashion.
Have you seen the way Jews do worship them? One of them was shaking their heads, according to them can activate their brain and increase the oxygen head plus, many other religions in the Middle East, as Islam also commands its followers to bow or shake of the head, is to use our brains to be able to simulate more active. See the Japanese people, they often bow-nundukkan head and it being the custom. Many Japanese smooth? Is it a coincidence? Their favorite is sushi (raw fish). Is this a coincidence? Think about it!
Based in New York, House of Jewish businesses willing to help those who can be interested in doing business (of course for Jews only) if they have an idea-i-noor, the committee will provide interest-free loans and administrator of the committee earlier will work with you to ensure YG their business according to the correct runway. Thus was born Starbuck, Dell comptr, Cocacola, DKNY, Oracle, Filming in Hollywood, Levis, Dunkin Donut and there are hundreds of reputable stores under the auspices of the Jewish chambers in New York. 
Jewish graduates from the medical faculty of New York would be well advised to check this association and encouraged to start their own clinic with the help of money without interest, then I know why hospitals in New York and California has always been a lack of doctors.
As a solution, in my theory, childbirth and children hardhead feasible and certainly not overnight, it takes time, generations perhaps? Early preparation is when the expectant mother, the mother Encourage exercise 'Prove mathematically contagious but consistent while listening to classical music. Next Transform diet, eat nutritious foods which are good and good fellow to the brain, appreciate music since childhood is excellent for children brain growth, by playing the piano and violin course to train their brain to enlighten children likewise sport in need of concentration YG high, such as archery, basketball, darts and shooting.
Smoking promising generation of YG moron (foolish) and of course the damn genes according to the smoker generation. My visit to Singapore in 2005 was most surprising of all, here smokers as dianak sidelined and so difficult for smoker and once you know how the price of a pack of cigarettes? U.S. $ 7! is equivalent to spending a day to eat you!
I thank all the attitude of the Singapore government and especially all!!! Israel and as it is so taboo and how its' administration and almost identical in terms of their learning with Israel, then I see a lot of them world-class learning institutions although its essence is simply an island country of Singapore Manhattan!!

You may abstruse, really smoking to produce sap generation, I have found some evidence to support this theory. See for Indonesia, if you go to Jakarta, wherever you are, from restaurants, theaters, gardens to kemusium your nose will immediately smelled cigarette rushing! And the price of cigarettes? Only U.S. $ .70 cts! and the result? With a population of millions of people how much of whether universities are there? What results can be proud YG? Technology? Far. Are they able to speak a language other than their own? Why are they so difficult to master English? Ditangga what their position in the global competition Prove mathematically? Is this not due to smoking? You Think for yourself.
In my thesis, I will not raise the question of religion or race, are cruel to the Jews deported from since the time Paraoh to Hitler, for me it was a political issue and survival, I was eager to point out is that, whether we are able to produce YG generation smart like the Jews? Jawabanya is possible and not possible, and it needs a change, in terms of nutrition and how mendididik children and I think only requires three generations only. This is my own view of my grandchildren, this is after I teach my child through what has been stated above me just now, at the age of 9 years (my grandson) he could write a 5 page full esay. Its esay just about. Why I love tomatoes!
Have a good peace and we can produce human hardhead and noble nature for the good of humanity without distinction of race restrictions.
Dr. Stephen Carr Leon

source : world conspiracy

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