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[#NAJIBISCRACKINGUP] ... Investigate All Those Involved In Missing 1MDB Money, Says Dr. Mahathir

[#NAJIBISCRACKINGUP] ... Investigate All Those Involved In Missing 1MDB Money, Says Dr. Mahathir

Ayu Musa Kamal
Former prime minister Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad claimed that there are elements of criminal offence and parties involved should be investigated in the ‘missing’ RM7billion by debt-laden strategic investment company 1Malaysia Development Bhd (1MDB).

The longest serving prime minister had continuously and openly censured premier Datuk Seri
Mohd Najib Razak and his handling of the 1MDB fiasco in series of postings in his blog as
well as comments made during press conferences.
In his blog, Dr. Mahathir stated, claims made by prime minister Mohd Najib who
had explained in Parliament recently about the 1MDB money as mere lies.
He wrote, “I am very sad to say that the prime minister is lying. In the 1MDB money
matter where it was said that the money has been brought back from the Cayman Islands
and is parked at Singapore’s BSI Bank was simply not true.”
“The first lie is that no 1MDB money was brought back, secondly, there was no cash
deposited in BSI Bank,”wrote Dr. Mahathir.
Backing his claim, Dr. Mahathir said, this is apparent in the answer to the first question
because it was not cash amounting to RM3.6 billion that was deposited in BSI but
only documents.
“The nature of the document is not clear but it was definitely not cash,” he said.
He further strengthened his argument by highlighting the fact that BSI bank had denied
issuing documents supplied by 1MDB relating to the accounts for 1MDB subsidiary Brazen
Sky Limited.
Dr. Mahathir added that BSI had reported to the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS)
that what was deposited was not in the form of cash.
According to the veteran leader, under normal circumstances, MAS would report this to
Bank Negara Malaysia (BNM).
DAP lawmaker Tony Pua had asked whether BNM had been informed by MAS that the
bank statements of 1MDB and its subsidiary Brazen Sky at BSI had been falsified and
whether there was RM3.6 billion in cash in the account as previously stated.
“1MDB has explained that the redeemed investments of 1MDB [from the Cayman Islands]
are in the form of assets in US dollars in a bank in Singapore for the purpose of balancing
the liability of the company’s US dollar,” said Mohd Najib in his written reply to Pua.
Najib, who is also the finance minister, told Parliament in March that the cash redeemed
from the funds that were kept in the Cayman Islands is now with BSI Singapore. In his
written reply yesterday, he said the answer he gave in March is now “amended”.
“It is apparent from admission that this report falls under the purview international
confidentiality protocols (Egmont principles of information exchange) and the
confidentiality requirements under section 10 of the Anti-Money Laundering Act (2001).”
“From all this it is clear that BNM had received the report from MAS,” he wrote.
Dr. Mahathir stressed that the act of ‘cover-up’ or concealment of offences in
government matters is a crime.
Dr. Mahathir referred to Section 218 of the Penal Code which states : “Whoever being a
public servant, and being as such public servant, charged with the preparation of any
record or other writing, frames that record or writing in a manner which he knows
to be incorrect, with intent to cause, or knowing it to be likely that he will thereby cause,
loss or injury to the public, or to any person, or with intent thereby to save, or knowing it
to be likely that he will thereby save any person from legal punishment, or with intent to
save, or knowing that he is likely thereby to save any property from forfeiture or other
charge to which it is liable by law, shall be punished with imprisonment for a term which
may extend to three years or with fine or with both.”
He said, there are too many lies with regards to the 1MDB money and those who have
falsified reports on the matter have committed an offence under Section 218 of the Penal
“There are elements of crime with regards to this matter and investigation should be done
by the police. If the money is still missing then legal action should be taken against all
those involved,” Dr. Mahathir said.

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