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[donations from saudi government?] ... What Now Brown Cow?

[donations from saudi government?] ... What Now Brown Cow?

A Kadir Jasin

OH Lord the Almighty, who are we to believe now? 

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Fine, many of us the non-dedak eaters have ceased to believe in the Prime Minister (Datuk Seri Mappadulung Daeng Mattimung Karaeng Sanrobone) Mohd Najib Abdul Razak a long time ago.

He told the heavens and earth that the US$681-million in his private accounts was a donation from the Saudi royal family or something like that.

His handpicked Attorney General (Tan Sri) Mohamed Apandi Ali concurred and unilaterally absolved him of all wrongdoings (in relation to that donation and another “donation” from SRC International Sdn Bhd).

The British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) corroborated the story saying the amount was donated by the Saudi royal family.

Adel al-Jubeir: Saudi has a different story
But now the Saudi Foreign Affairs Minister, Adel bin Ahmed al-Jubeir, was quoted by the New York Times newspaper as saying that he “does not think that the US$681-million which made its way into Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak’s bank account was from the Saudi government or that it was a political donation.”
Between BBC and NYT, I would give greater credence to the latter. Its series of expose on 1MDB-related shenanigans have been largely accurate - accurate enough so as to discourage Mohd Najib from suing it despite making several threats.

The NYT quoted the Saudi minister as saying the money went to an “investment in Malaysia”.

“It is a private Saudi citizen, I believe, and the funds went to an investment in Malaysia,” he said in an interview with the American newspaper.

Mohd Najib and his storytellers claimed that the money was for use during the 2013 general elections and for fighting terrorism.

So what now brown cow?

Would the hypothetical brown cow advise the Prime Minister and his number one lawyer, (Datuk) MohdHafarizam Harun, to issue another legal threat against the paper?

I expect Mohd Najib’s handpicked Deputy Prime Minister, (Datuk Seri) Dr Ahmad Zahid Hamidi to complain vigorously to the Saudi Government for making such a statement to the Press and not directly to him.

He must. Otherwise he will be accused of lying too because he had repeatedly swore that he knew the Arab donors and had met them in Saudi Arabia.

Between the Saudi minister and Ahmad Zahid, I would give greater credence to the former because I don’t know him and he has not said anything before that raised my suspicion.

The NYT also quoted a member of the Saudi royal family and a close associate of the family, who spoke on condition of anonymity, as saying that the money had come from a Saudi prince, but that it was not a donation. The associate also reportedly questioned the sum, but said the funds were part of a business deal.

And what would Apandi do now?

Would he stick to his gun or would he make discreet checks to see if he has been lied to?

Who knows those tonnes of papers submitted to him by the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission and Bank Negara may not all be works of fiction?

Just to refresh Apandi’s memory, on Jan 26 he told the Press the US$681-million deposited into Najib’s personal accounts was a donation from the Saudi royal family given without any consideration.

Footnote: Dedak is bran. It is usually used for feeding chicken, ducts and pigs.


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