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[an interesting and must read article!!] ... Should we ask Interpol to issue a Red Notice for the Swiss AG?

[an interesting and must read article!!] ... Should we ask Interpol to issue a Red Notice for the Swiss AG?

This is via email from Ganesh Sahathevan who writes a Blog here. My comments in blue.

Friday, February 5, 2016
So, Malaysia does not want to know that US$4 billion (RM17.2b) has been been stolen from its 1 MDB? : IGP Khalid has a duty to investigate the theft, as do the AG, PM, DPM and others.

by Ganesh Sahathevan

In all the excitement about the Swiss AG's discovery that some USD 4 billion (RM17.2b)  has been misappropriated from 1 MDB, a Malaysian sovereign wealth fund, many have failed to ask why the IGP Tan Sri Khalid has not immediately commenced an investigation into a case of  massive ,record breaking theft from a government body.  No, nobody needs to lodge a police report, it is his duty to investigate an obvious crime, as it his duty to so as a matter of urgency.

My comments :  Good point. What does the IGP have to say? The Swiss have gone to the trouble to inform us that they have found evidence that RM17.2 billion of Malaysian taxpayers' money has been stolen. And it is an official statement by the Swiss AG.  This is not a case of curi itek.  Shouldnt the Police immediately start investigating? When there were reports of the RM2 million in Rosmah's accounts the IGP said 'The Task Force will investigate that' knowing very well that the Task Force was no more in play.  The Task Force was set up over 1MDB. Rosmah's account has got no connection with 1MDB. 

Similarly, no one has asked Very Learned Apandi why he has not requested  the Swiss AG hand over his  findings as a matter of urgency, but instead issued this nonsensical statement:

1. I note the statement issued by the Office of the Attorney-General of Switzerland, and further remarks attributed to the Swiss Attorney-General by an American newspaper, concerning an investigation into two former officials of 1MDB.

2. I and the relevant Malaysian authorities are keen to establish all the facts about 1MDB that have led to recent allegations against the company. That is why a number of investigations - including by the Public Accounts Committee, the Royal Malaysian Police, and the Auditor General's Department - are currently on-going.

My comments : Err..what about the MACC investigation and the Bank Negara investigation, both of which you have rejected outright? Why not just tell the Swiss what you told Bank Negara and the MACC : 'There is no case. Stop investigating. This is not Islamic.'  Isnt this what the AG told BNM, the MACC and Tun Dr Mahathir?

3. The Malaysian authorities, including the Attorney-General's Chambers, are committed to working with all relevant foreign law enforcement entities through the applicable international conventions and agreements. Similarly, 1MDB has from the outset cooperated with the enquiries.

4. Regarding the recent public statement by the Office of the Attorney-General of Switzerland, my office intends to take all possible steps to follow up and collaborate with our Swiss counterparts, and we look forward to receiving the findings of their investigations and materials through the normal channels. These materials will then be reviewed, alongside the findings of other relevant authorities and our own investigations, to determine the appropriate course of action.

My comments : The Swiss are saying that RM17.2 billion of our money has been stolen.  This is not a kes curi itek. First of all shouldnt we say thank you to the Swiss for telling us that RM17.2 billion of our money has been stolen?  

After you review their materials, the AG can only say two things to the Swiss AG  :

a.  Yes RM17.2 billion of our taxpayers' money has been stolen, or
b.  No, there is no such theft of RM17.2 billion of our money

If you choose b. you are saying the Swiss AG is a moron. But this is the same Swiss AG who broke open the FIFA case and prosecuted it. Not only is the Swiss AG learned and competent tapi muka dia pun ada lah handsome.  The Swiss AG must be pretty sure that RM17.2 billion of our money has been stolen.

So the answer from 'pandi to the Swiss AG must be a. Yes our RM17.2 billion has been stolen.

Then what? If the AG acknowledges (which he must) that RM17.2 billion has indeed been stolen what should be the next step?  I know cuckoo clocks are on sale in Switzerland but that is not what I meant lah !  

Once you acknowledge that RM17.2 billion of our money has been stolen then we must also investigate and catch the thieves. If there is a whole network of thieves, then you must catch the whole network. Its our money.   

That is what the AG and the Police must work towards.  Will they do it? They should.

5. Contrary to recent media reports, the investigations into donations that were made to the Prime Minister are entirely separate to those into 1MDB. The Attorney-General's Chambers exhaustively reviewed the report provided by the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission and, as has been announced, found no evidence of wrong-doing and hence have instructed for the cases to be closed.

6. Any attempt by media organisations to conflate the two sets of investigations is irresponsible and prejudicial.


My comments : I say kawan. Your comments tak ada kena mengena with the subject lah. Conflate apa? 

The Swiss AG has just informed you that RM17.2 billion of our taxpayer's money has been stolen. There is no need to conflate, inflate, deflate etc. Dont talk rubbish. 

Just confirm if what the Swiss AG says is true or false.

Is the Swiss AG bullshitting when he says RM17.2 billion of our money has been stolen? 

Why would he do that? Switzerland is so far away. Surely the Swiss AG must have better things to do than create wild horse stories about a country called Malaysia?

Remember, money has been stolen from a Malaysian, not Swiss, sovereign wealth fund. If one did not know better, reading Apandi's  statement one could easily come to the conclusion that it is the other way around.

And then, there is DPM Zahid's anger at being informed that money has been stolen from his Government:

The deputy prime minister said any statement made outside of official channels could affect ties between both countries and lead to bias reporting.
My comments :  "could affect ties between both countries" ??  They are doing you a favour by informing you that RM17.2 billion of our money has been stolen. How could that affect ties between the two countries?
The incredulous Malaysian response is best described  in this headline from The Guardian:    'Malaysia accuses Switzerland of 'misinformation' over stolen 1MDB billions.'

My comments : After 40 years of "engineering" this is what we have produced.  

Village bumpkins.  Paper qualified but still poorly educated, not learned,  definitely no sophistication,  still tak reti cakap omputih pun,  integrity is WIP,  honesty is KIV.  

This is what happens when these 'jaguh kampong' meets the world stage.  Disaster. The fact is they do not even know the world is laughing at them.  

In conclusion I think the attendance at Ostat Ferrari Wal Retard's ceramah will increase this weekend.  They will need to find some solace somewhere.

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