Tuesday, 19 January 2016

Tun Dr Mahathir - TUN RAZAK 

Tun Dr Mahathir - TUN RAZAK 

1. It is difficult to think that 40 years have passed since the demise of Tun Razak, the much respected and beloved second Prime Minister of independent Malaysia .

2. Watching the T.V documentary on his life and times, I cannot help but feeling sad. Those were great days. Leaders then were dedicated, bent on developing the country and tackling the disparities in Malaysian society. It was Tun Razak who introduced the New Economic Policy.

3. He broke away from the apron-strings of the British Commonwealth past, and visited Russia and China. The winds of change blew strongly.

4. It is sad that he should be taken away from us so early.

5. I am of course particularly saddened because I owed everything to him. I was expelled from UMNO and people who were expelled before me never returned. Their political career was blighted.

6. But he not only allowed me to return to the fold but subsequently appointed me a full minister. I was described as Tun’s blue-eyed boy, which angered many UMNO stalwarts.

7. As a doctor I noticed early his deteriorating health. Before he left for the U.K at a function at Parliament House, he pulled me aside and told me he was suffering from leukaemia. He told me to speak to his doctor, Dr. Macpherson. I did, and knew that the periods of remission would get shorter and shorter. He would not be able to continue for long. Still I was shocked to hear of his demise. Malaysia truly lost a great leader. He could have made a real difference to the future of this country which he fought so hard for.

8. For me the loss is personal. Tun Hussein who succeeded him was never close to me and I thought that that was the end of my career.

9. But it wasn’t. It wasn’t because Razak had spoken a good word for me to Tun Hussien.

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