Tuesday, 19 January 2016

[#najibiscrackingup...] ... DISMISSALS AND REPLACEMENTS

[#najibiscrackingup...] ... DISMISSALS AND REPLACEMENTS

1. The Malaysian Insider recently reported the MACC Chief Abu Kassim might be replaced, basing it on “source”.

2. Abu Kassim has some health problem but he himself says that he hopes to retire at 60, the mandatory retirement age. Obviously he does not think that his health would force him to retire any time soon.

3. Government has certain procedures for sick employees to retire before reaching retirement age. A Medical Board will have to be set up to examine the health of the person who seeks to retire early.

4. The Board will issue a proper medical report on the state of the person’s health and certify his being unfit to work.

5. If the officer’s appointment is at the pleasure of the Yang di Pertuan Agong, then the certificate must be produced for the Agong to agree to his retirement, and for his signature.

6. There is doubt whether in the case of the former A.G. Tan Sri Gani Patail the procedures were followed. When he was retired the PM stated that it was for health reasonsGani himself denied thisalthough he was suffering from kidney failure. A kidney failure person can work for quite a considerable length of time. It is not a cause for early retirement.

7. And now Gani is reported to begin a career as a lawyer. Obviously he is fit to work.

8. The question is whether the MACC chief will also be retired prematurely for health reason? It is known that the MACC has submitted its report to the AG. The AG says he would act without fear or favour. But he requires time as the report piles up to his height. How much time? Or is the AG to determine whether there is a case for the judges to judge or will he be the judge and dismiss the case as indeed he had done with the Bank Negara report.

9. There is currently a deficit in terms of trust in the present Government and its institutions. There are many reasons for this deficit. Saying that everything is fine will get the Government nowhere. Deeds count more than words.

10. The removal of Tan Sri Abu Kassim will only convince the people that all that is being said against the Government is true, that it exist merely to prevent the rule of law being applied to the leadership of the nation.

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