Friday, 22 January 2016

Najib Leaves PWTC Under Pressure - Postpones Decision. 260 Summoned Only 54 Turned Up !! Malu !!

Najib Leaves PWTC Under Pressure - Postpones Decision. 260 Summoned Only 54 Turned Up !! Malu !!

Najib summoned Kedah people to explain the Mukhriz situation. Predictably Najib had to leace somewhat embarrassed.

I just received the following :

 Jinggo, jambang hang macam kambing lah! 
Hujan mari, kambing lari.

And the message said,

"At PWTC..Najib meeting the penyamuns from Kedah about Mukhriz's post.  Turned out he couldn't decide, needs time to think.  And thats it.  Mukhriz's supporters gathered in PWTC.  Back in Kedah and all over fb and wasap, ppl expressing support for Mukhriz.  I guess Najib didnt expect such reaction.. Thats why he needs time to think. They invited 260 people including ADUNs..only 54 turned up. Many dare not turn up after seeing the support for Mukhriz. Dato Maznah claimed to have been tricked in the first place, nobody believes her. Looks like his diversion strategy only created another problem."

My comments :  Not only is this guy dumb but he certainly has the dumbest advisors. That is what you get when you prefer loyalty above intelligence.

Firing the AG - that was a very wrong move. Very bad advice.
Arresting Khairuddin - another very wrong move. More bad advice.
Arresting, charging, transferring, harrassing the MACC officers, the Policemen - all wrong moves. Really bad advice.

It only prolongs the agony. It only means that you have to climb higher up the building to hide from the people. Finally you will reach the roof.   After that..oh well.

Now this Mukhriz thing is backfiring. 

Even calling for these 260 Kedah people to come to the PWTC was really stupid advice. It means Najib is taking ownership over the issue - in KL.

If you want to make it look like a Kedah issue and nothing to do with you, then you should not take ownership.  You should not have called for this meeting.

Plus you will not suffer the embarrassment of only 54 people turning up. Plus you had to leave the building in a hurry without resolving anything.

Dah bayar ke belum? Will the 14 have a good Thaipusam? If you use cash to buy the wrong things, you end up with less cash and the wrong things.

source : outsyedthebox

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