Saturday, 26 March 2016

[hot and exposed!!] ...Latest : UMNO Ministers Met Java Man

[hot and exposed!!] ...Latest : UMNO Ministers Met Java Man

Here is some info.

Talk is some UMNO Ministers went to meet the No. 2 guy quite recently.  

They told him that it was getting more difficult to support the No. 1 guy.

They said that at the max,  the No. 1 guy should go by early next year ie 2017.

They also said that if the No. 1 guy does not go, then they will not run for elections in 2018.

Because they know they will lose in their respective constituencies.

Support for UMNO on the ground is approaching zero. 

Support for MCA, MIC and Gerakan is below zero.

The 'respectmyPM' campaign is dead. Less than 50 people turned up on their own in Johor the other day.  Even the datang naik bas supporters did not come in any significant numbers.

In Kelantan, Annuar Musa had to use some slick tricks to get people to sign that 'Kelantan Declaration'.   People were not happy at being cornered to sign. 

Only the IGP and the AG stand between oblivion and saving the country.  

No one, repeat NO ONE, genuinely supports the moron.

Just tell him to resign and go. The country is going to rot.    

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