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I hear that the Khazanah / MAB dunggus have made big losses at their airport operations in Turkey.  They are managing Turkey's main airport. The investment is making big losses.  

US1.4 BILLION +  US300 Million = US1.7 Billion or RM7.5 Billion. 

So how much of that has been lost already?
This is the "Islamic brotherhood" crap again.  
Turkey is Muslim. Malaysia is Muslim. 
Muslim is good.
It must be good to invest in Muslim countries.

Err... how many hundred millions have you morons lost so far in Turkey?

How many jobs did you dunggus create for Malaysians with that RM7.5 Billion invested in Turkey?  Five jobs? 50 jobs ? 500 jobs ?   For RM7.5 BILLION ? ?

Here is some other 'High Income Nation" news :

Govt says no to minimum RM30 top-up for Touch n' Go

hiways to postpone min RM30 Touch n' Go top up 
so as not to burden motorists

min RM30 top up proposed by Hiway Concession Companies 
to overcome congestion at top up lanes at peak hours

ministry instructed concession companies to postpone 
find other ways to overcome congestion at toll plazas

gomen concerned with burden on consumers
including the B40 category


My comments :  You can see this almost everyday at the Toll Plazas, especially in KL and the Klang Valley.  The Peroduas, Protons and small cars all line up at the Tambah Nilai and Bayaran Tunai lanes at the toll gates.  These are the folks who live almost hand to mouth. The urban poor. 

Want to guess their agama and bangsa? 

They actually prefer the Bayar Tunai lanes because they can then carry just enough toll money for the journey.  

Then you have the Mercedes, Audis, BMWs,  Camrys, Accords etc that just sail through the Smart Tag lanes.  You can see their balance remaining RM100, RM200 etc. These are the people who have cash to meet their daily living expenses.  

Want to guess their agama and bangsa?

The minimum for Touch N Go is RM10.  Now they want to increase the minimum to RM30.  Even the RM10 is a burden. That is why the gomen has turned down the proposal to increase the minimum Touch N Go to RM30.

The Toll Operators find it not feasible (it is a loss to them) to dedicate one toll lane just to collect RM10 top ups for Touch N Go. It does not cover their costs. They are providing a social service.  

They prefer RM30 minimum. To cover costs and maybe make some profit.

But the people aint got no money for a minimum top up of RM30.  This is 'High Income Nation' ok.  

Where "Chief the Thief" is so damned proud that he has put seven million people on the poor peoples' list to receive duit sedekah BR1M.   

Pretty soon, the people will not have money to pay for the toll hiways.  They will take alternative routes or not travel at all.  Then the Toll Operators will face cash flow problems as well.

The dynamics of the market has changed. 

Poor are many. 
Poor is BR1M.
BR1M is votes.
So poor is good.

Just reimpose the Bayar Tunai lanes. Then the Protons and Kancils with just enough cash to pay RM1.80 between Sg Besi and Kajang will still take the toll hiway. Otherwise they will take the old road.

By the way does PLUS know that AFTER 4 PM the Touch N Go lanes DO NOT ACCEPT anymore top ups?  

This is what the Toll Booth girl told me at the Toll Booth  at Exit 213,  KL - Seremban Hiway.  Yet the girl is sitting there  at the Tambah Nilai Lane (AFTER 4PM) just to tell the cars that drive up - Lepas 4 Petang tak boleh top up.

I keep saying, 'depa tak tahu niaga'.  
Nak bagi duit pun depa tak mahu terima.
Sial punya bodoh.

So how much did you lose in your airport operations in Turkey?

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