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Going Bonkers : Arul Kanda bends it like rubber, Hafarizam implies "PM sign buta saja. Dia bukan tahu apa"

Going Bonkers : Arul Kanda bends it like rubber, Hafarizam implies "PM sign buta saja. Dia bukan tahu apa"

URGENT : Let me advise the PM, his cronies, his handlers, his brain dead advisors etc. Guys, you better get a grab on things. Better get a good lawyer to vet ALL your public statements about this entire 1MDB scandal and all its related issues. From now on whatever you say may, can and will be used against you in a Court of law.

We can see things breaking down and going bonkers. Before this, to minimise damage you guys handled the situation by :

1. firing Ghani the AG in the nick of time
2. firing Muhyiddin the DPM
3. transferring out MACC officers
4. transferring out Police investigators
5. taking action against AG's personnel
6. jailing Khairudin for making all those police reports (which is now having its effect)
7. blocking off S'wak Report and declaring it a crime to refer to S'wal Report
8. issuing a warrant of arrest for Claire R Brown
9. blocking off websites like M'sian Chronicle, M'sian Insider and blogs
10. arresting critics for various infringements
11. arresting and deporting foreign news crews 

These things worked because it was inside the country. You thought that you had contained the fallout. Wrong.

Anyway, the story has changed now. Foreign countries and foreign investigators are involved. You cannot fire them, transfer them, jail them, block them off, declare them illegal, issue a warrant of arrest or deport them from the country.

Instead your not very clever boys are speaking up on your behalf and making total idiots of themselves.  You really need to handle the situation carefully. Dont allow all these boys to simply shoot statements off to the media. They make you look like crooks. 

You need real professional help.  Nothing less than a Wall Street lawfirm with strong PR skills to advise you on how to address the media, who should be allowed to say what to the public etc.  May I reccommend  Bottom, Feeder, Knight, Flight & Associates - its a Jewish law firm from New York who are well known for handling "leaving the building soon" type of situations.

I read the following from Arul Kanda and that Perak lawyer fellow and really got a shock. 

First Arul Kanda :

Arul Kanda: Swiss probe shows 1MDB could be victim of fraud
13 Apr 2016 

  • 1MDB duped into transferring US$3.5 billion
  • Arul said announcement by Swiss AG indicated 1MDB “victim of fraud”
  • Given recent denial by IPIC and announcement by Swiss AG 
  • Swiss AG investigating fraud, forgery, bribery, money laundering
  • funds benefited “former 1MDB body” and a motion picture company
  • 1MDB maintained transfers to Aabar PJS Limited 
  • IPIC told LSE it does not own BVI registered Aabar (Aabar BVI)
  • Husseiny principal investor in Red Granite, owned by stepson Riza Aziz
  • WSJ reported Red Granite received US$155 million of 1MDB funds
  • US$105 million of which came through loan from Aabar BVI.
So lets get this straight. What Arul is saying is that someone committed fraud - the victim was 1MDB. The bossman at 1MDB was none other than Najib. He was the sole signatory, the Advisor and under Section 117 or something the completely-in-charge-guy.

So someone committed fraud. As a result billions were siphoned out.

Then (from what the Swiss AG has been saying) a portion of this fraudulent proceeds ended up as an investment into Red Granite - US$155 million. Red Granite is a movie company owned by Najib's stepson !!  And we are supposed to believe this.

Najib, Red Granite and 1MDB etc did not know all this for all these years until Arul Kanda discovered this today 13th April 2016. 

They are all innocent. Stepfather who sits over company suffers fraud and stepson benefits from the fraud (to the tune of US$155 million). Yes I think the inmates at the asylum will buy that - before their medication.

OK there was fraud. The money was supposed to go to Aabar Investments. It went to the wrong Aabar (in BVI). 

I say Arul, you mean all these years no one from the real Aabar called and asked 'Dey Arul Kanda, where is that money? We have not received it yet".

Its like this bro. 1MDB sent off BILLIONS of Ringgit. Sent to whom? The Aabar guys lah. The real Aabar guys. 

But the money was fraudulently siphoned off somewhere else - to the fake Aabar Virgin Islands.

So didnt the real Aabar call and ask 'Hey 1MDB where are my billions? I have not received them yet'.

Didnt your auditors ask, ""Where is the proof of payment for all these billions?"

In simple Malay the word for this is "resit". In English it is called "receipt'.

Thats what the auditors always ask. For everu single payment please show your receipt. Otherwise they will not accept the payment  for audit purposes.

So when you sent off those billions to the fake Aabar BVI, did the fake Aabar BVI issue any receipts? Did your auditors accept and verify those receipts for your audits?

Is that why you had to fire your earlier auditors? All this does not tally bro.

So only now, years later, and after the Swiss AG kicks up a fuss you say 'It was all a fraud'.    Or is that qualified with a "maybe"?  
Now here is the lawyer guy : 
Lawyer: PM’s signature on 1MDB documents a formality, doesn’t mean he decides or knows all

April 13, 2016     
  • Najib lawyer Hafarizam said signing of documents do not necessarily mean PM has knowledge of or makes the decisions on 1MDB matters. 
  • Najib signature on 1MDB documents merely to meet corporate governance 
  • signing not necessarily mean PM has knowledge or makes decisions 
  • just formality, you just have to go through process
  • I’m sure he doesn’t know what’s happening 
  • board of directors are entrusted to it,” he told reporters 

In other words the PM just sign buta. 
Then why did Bakke Salleh resign as Chairman of 1MDB? 
Bakke resigned when 1MDB could not get that money back. 
The money had gone to the wrong person. 
Bakke had asked that the money be returned. 
The money was not returned. 
So Bakke resigned.

So who was in charge of 1MDB then?  
Surely it could not have been Bakke Salleh? 
And Bakke was the Chairman.

So extending Hafarizam's logic (or the lack thereof) when the PM signs treaties with foreign countries, does he have to know what he is signing?  
Or is it also just sign buta? 

I mean is there another Sect 117 etc somewhere in our Constitution that says 

'Any treaty entered into by the Federation of Malaysiamust be signed blindly by the Prime Minister. The Prime Minister need not know what he is signing. He can sign buta'.

or words to that effect lah. 

Isnt signing treaties  just a formality as well, followed by dinner and cultural performances?
Similarly when Najib signs documents as Finance Minister does he have to know what he is signing or is it also sign buta?  

I think it is more auta. 

This is getting too crazy. Even the Hollywood scriptwriters cannot make this up. 


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