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[dear najib and your fans club members, please read this article!] ... Fighting fit to take on 1MDB

[dear najib and your fans club members, please read this article!] ... Fighting fit to take on 1MDB

Google filepix of a now fighting fit pahlawang
Najib fighting fit, downsizing from XXL to XL
By Jonathan Chia

KUCHING: Prime Minister Datuk Seri NajibTunRazak wants his critics to know that he is “fighting fit” and ready to take on anyone.

Speaking at the launching of GREAT 2016, Najib said: “I changed and saw two shirts hanging with the sizes of XL and XXL.

I’m proud to say I chose XL and I could wear it.The message is clear, I’m fighting fit and I will take on anyone,” he said. 
However, he did not elaborate his battle further. -BorneoPost

"However, he did not elaborate his battle further" ! 

How could he elaborate when no one is actually interested in fighting the 'fighting fit' Prime Minister. He might just roar (like in the pic above) and scare his enemies away.  

All able minded Malaysians are asking for is for you, Mohd Najib bin Tun Abdul Razak, to come clean on the billions of ringgit in donations which you seem to have received in your personal bank account. The whole world is talking about it. 

Are you involved in any international money laundering syndicate? 

The last few days saw you and your flamboyant wife's pictures splashed in the pages of a few foreign and international newspapers. None of them called for a street fight. Save the thug-like 'I will take on anyone' salvo for another day. People are just wondering where you got so much money to splash.
With love from Indonesia
Turkish delight

Dear 'fighting fit' Najib, a big majority of those who were elated when you took over from Abdullah Ahmad Badawi are now eager to hold you accountable for your actions. You took over about a year after the 2008 elections without toppling the democratically elected Barisan Nasional government, you remember that Najib? We are just demanding for something similar now.

No Malaysian in the right frame of mind would want to pick a fight with a desperate politician who happens to be a 'fighting fit' Prime Minister, Finance Minister and probably the only man vested with soo much power and authority in the country today. If not for Appandi the Attorney General I would proclaim you as the most powerful man.

People are not crazy, we are just asking for explanations.

Malaysians are not numb. We may be different in many ways but we are not numb and stupid to be hoodwinked by pirates and pretenders. We just expect our elected representatives to not steal, plunder and tell lies on a daily basis. Is that too much to ask for?

Dear Mr 'fighting fit' Najib Razak, you owe Malaysia and Malaysians a long list of explanation beginning from the billions of ringgit in your personal bank accounts to the dubious wheeling and dealings in and around 1Malaysia Development Berhad - 1MDB, your baby.

Interferences into the various investigations plus the removal/transfers of Government servants involved in the probe of your suspected criminal acts didn't go unnoticed. Don't think Malaysians are ignorant. The ignorant are all in your cabinet.

People are watching your antics. It looks like even those around you have become increasingly concerned about their possible fate in the not too distant future. Maybe that answers the question why some have begun trading for 'immunity', actively.

Even Arul Kanda Kandasamy appears to be signing out with his recent 'My job is done'motherhood statement.

Dear Najib, I sincerely hope that you're fighting fit to take on 1MDB because that is your fight for survival. Don't waste time punching in the dark when the enemy is within you. You created it. Your enemy is 1MDB.

Good luck. Tender your resignation soonest possible and save us all the trouble.

Don't sabotage Adenan Satem

Just thought of advising you to stay out of Sarawak until the state election is over. Please don't go there and ruin all those goodwill and support which the new Chief Minister has regained since taking over from Tun Abdul Taib Mahmud (without toppling the democratically elected government that is).

The Sarawakians are very polite, humble and nice people. No matter who they are, they are generally nice. Adenan won't possibly tell you not to come to Sarawak but you should know better (if you don't, try taking a quick peek at all those flowery comments in Facebook after your latest walkabout in a shopping mall in Kuching).

Why sabotage Adenan and Sarawak BN ? Don't take advantage of Adenan Satem's hospitality and be a thorn on his side. Stay out for the greater good of BN. Stay out and fight your own battle like a man.

A vote for Adenan cannot be a vote for you.You are not Adenan Satem!


Sarawak BN lynchpin Parti Pesaka Bumiputera Bersatu (PBB) and Parti Rakyat Sarawak (PRS) would most likely emerge as the saviours of the 13-party coalition when the others lay grasping for their last breath. If no remedial steps are taken we could witness this scenario after the next general elections.

Don't sabotage your saviours.     

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