Tuesday, 12 April 2016

[1mdb solved?] p.s. to The Mole, here is something else.

[1mdb solved?] p.s. to The Mole, here is something else.

Often I get phone calls from the online news sites for comments on the political situation.  Some of them are balanced, some are anti gomen some are in the "prepaid" league. I entertain them all.

But I dont read any of them. For years already.  Boring.  Honest guys. And I absolutely do not read the prepaids. They have said they are paid to write. So we are not going to get any intelligent analysis.  And folks, that particular moron is not even educated.  These people really pick the winners to defend them.

This morning I received a call from The Mole. They asked two questions - what do I think about the PAC report. And what do I think about Tony Pua's comments about the PAC report.

I dont know if The Mole has published what I said or how it came out. As I said, I dont read these sites - for years now.

Anyway I replied that the PAC report is classified. So I cant think much about something that is not available to the public.  

You cant get a complete answer about something that is classified.   "What do you think of the X Files? Do aliens really exist?" My answer : If the files are 'X' then I cant know.

'Kam sa dau'  - which is Vietnamese for 'I dont know'. So did Ali Vacar tell me, just before he married the Vietnamese girl.

I did say that tthe former CEO guy has denied any wrongdoing. He says he is prepared to cooperate and clear things up. 

So who is correct?  The PAC or the former CEO guy? Who do we believe? 

How to believe the PAC when their report is classified? We dont even have the information.

About Tony Pua, well that was an easy question. I was in the MACC Advisory as well.  When it comes to making public statements you stick to exactly what is written in the report. If the PAC Report says ABC, then surely all the PAC members cannot comment on DE and F which is not in the Report. You stick exactly to the facts.

But here is a p.s. for The Mole.  

Despite the PAC saying that Sharol Helmy should be investigated, action taken against him etc, Shahrol Helmy still works for the Prime Minister. 

How do you explain that? He works at Pemandu here, look at the last name on this list :

There he is at the bottom : Datuk Shahrol Halmi Director NKEA (OGE & Financial Services).

So he is still working for Najib in the PM's department. Not suspended, not investigated,  nothing. No big deal.

The PAC says he should be investigated.  Who do you think will investigate ? The Social Welfare Dept? The Kementerian Hal Ehwal Wanita? Maybe Jabatan Bekalan Air dan Pembetungan? I really dont know. 

Even if they investigate and they find anything against him, the AG must agree to charge him in Court.

The AG has already said there is nothing to investigate about 1MDB. The AG told the MACC point blank to stop their investigations.

So even if Shahrol is investigated by Jabatan Bekalan Air, Perhilitan, Hal Ehwal Wanita or whoever  the huge hurdle still remains - will the AG agree to charge him in Court?

That was my p.s.  Terlupa nak bagi tahu.

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