Thursday, 15 December 2016

Will Xavier Justo Leave Bangkok Alive?

Will Xavier Justo Leave Bangkok Alive?

No one in Thailand has any reason to see Xavier Justo dead. 
No one in Thailand had any reason to see Altantuya dead.
No one in Thailand had any reason to see Najadi dead.
No one in Thailand had any reason to see PI Bala dead.
No one in Thailand had any reason to see Kevin Morais dead.

So dont blame the Thais.

Here is a story from The Thingy which says that death threats hang over Xavier Justo who is about to be released from jail in Thailand.

My New Fears For My Husband's Safety - Laura Justo

13 December 2016

royal pardon by Thailand to Xavier Justo
wife received two serious warnings from high level sources 
M----sian entities instructed not to let him leave alive.
two separate sources indicated ‘Black Ops’ 
‘accident’ befalls Justo during journey to airport
due to be released in the coming days.
“instructions come from M----sia” 
source has high level security links has warned 
plan to use local operatives with connections 
to make sure he will not make it out of Bangkok

an accident or a hit man 
evidence that instruction has gone out

Laura Justo in new state of anxiety
notified lawyers, Swiss Embassy, intn'l law enforcement 
fearful fail to provide adequate protection for her husband
depends on size of  planned operation to kill him
Laura also fearful of attempt to kidnap Justo

Justo revealed details of PetroSaudi deal
led to unravelling world’s biggest kleptocracy case 1-DB
days before release M-1 made extended visit to Bangkok 
wanted Justo to be extradited to M----sia
no evidence country has any rights of jurisdiction
Thailand refused unwarranted extradition request
fiercely challenged by Swiss authorities 

M-1 wants Justo in jail
Justo provided data PetroSaudi deal US$1.83b siphoned 
US obtained extensive details of dollar transactions

two senior exec from Aabar now in jail in Abu Dhabi 
lodged major case to reclaim $6.5 billion from 1MDB

text messages from Mahony make clear M-1 fearful Justo let free
“prime minister of a country is in deep shit” Mahony told Laura 
made clear M-1 controlling Justo’s imprisonment 
two separate warnings about plans to kill him reached her  

My comments :  Xavier Justo is indeed a very important man. He has information that can take down plenty of crooks.  Lets hope that Xavier Justo remains alive and healthy and makes it home safely to Switzerland.

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