Tuesday, 13 December 2016

Trump's 7 Minute Phone Call, Duterte Gets Invited To White House

Trump's 7 Minute Phone Call, Duterte Gets Invited To White House

Philippines' Duterte gets Trump White House invite during 'animated' call

(Reuters) - Donald Trump invited Rodrigo Duterte to White House next year 

"very engaging, animated" phone conversation

Trump's chat with Philippine president follows uncertainty about important ally 
Duterte's hostility toward Obama and repeated threats to sever defense ties.

call lasted seven minutes

the two "noted long history of friendship cooperation between two nations

Duterte overtures toward China, pursuing alliance with Russia.

created jitters among Asian countries wary about Beijing

Duterte optimism about Trump in Oval Office

Trump blamed Obama for failing to take time to get to know world leaders.


transition team told Reuters Trump would start "clean slate" with Duterte
similarities in their blunt style.

capable of talking to Duterte in open way, despite previous policy failures

called "Trump of the East" Duterte threatened to sever U.S. defense ties
he "hates" having foreign soldiers in his country.

Duterte caused stir China visit in Oct, announced "separation" from US 

Washington could not be trusted to support Philippines 

Washington's utter failure to uphold obligations during most humiliating crises 

contributed to (Duterte's) low opinion of American security guarantees 

call facilitated by Trump's biz partners in Philippines, advisers, include his children.

Philippines chairing ASEAN next year 
common for US to extend invitation to chair ahead of U.S.-ASEAN summit.

Trump could deal with Duterte in ways Obama couldn't - than ASEAN

My comments :  Trump has said before that he does not agree with Obama's so called "pivot to Asia' - which actually has not materialised at all.

Where is the US vis a vis ASEAN, Thailand, Singapore, Pakistan or Philippines?

Where the US is involved like in Afghanistan and Iraq, there is only disaster.

Trump will likely disengage from Asia a little more. 

His wife Melania is a 'kampong girl' from Slovenia who has significant influence on Trump. I think the Trumps will look to rekindle the United State's 'old world' links to Europe. Less of Asia.

Duterte may therefore turnout to be the Trump's  "we need to have just one friend in Asia". 

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