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[...when you have weak pm, weak kdn minister and weak pdrm] ... Red vs Yellow: Bersih 4.0 did it first, after all

[...when you have weak pm, weak kdn minister and weak pdrm] ... Red vs Yellow: Bersih 4.0 did it first, after all

The Red Shirts are merely following the precedent set by Bersih. What’s good for the goose is good for the gander.

Bersih: Illegal, ah? So what?

Police said the Bersih 4.0 rally was illegal. But Bersih went ahead anyway.
Police said the Himpunan Maruah Melayu planned for Sept 16 is illegal. But the Red Shirts say they will proceed anyway.
The Reds merely ask – if Bersih can be allowed to get away with it, then why can’t they?
Bersih 4 KK

Bersih: You’re violating our human rights with T-shirt ban

The authorities said the Bersih 4.0 yellow T-shirt is banned.
The Bersih people screamed that preventing them from wearing that ‘sei’ yellow T-shirt is a violation of their human rights as universally declared under the UN charter.

himpunan melayuBersih: Kami boleh, uaolz tak boleh

The design for the Reds’ T-shirt, as circulated in the Internet, shows a masked pendekar Melayu wielding a keris. But this graphic (see right) is being criminalized by critics.
Just like how the Bersih people are claiming the right to freedom of expression, can’t the Maruah people invoke the same?
It just so happens that the reds want to express themselves through silat costume and Malay traditional weapon – the ceremonial keris – that’s also (1) part of the royal regalia, (2) component of our jata negara (3) emblem on the Umno flag (4) design on our previous one-ringgitCOIN – below, (5) architectural facade of Menara Maybank, among others.
one ringgit coin
No freedom of expression and human rights for the Red Shirts, meh? And there I was under the impression that DAP is the greatest proponent of ‘equality’.

Bersih: We’re patriots, we sing Negaraku

The Bersih people claim they’re showing their great love for the country by singing the national anthem.
The Maruah people have borrowed a line from Negaraku – “Tanah tumpahnya darahku” as their their slogan.
Why is it that the Bersih people find the Maruah people’s use of the “Tanah tumpahnya darahku” verse to be upsetting, threatening and objectionable?
It’s after all a part of the national anthem that the Bersih people had so proudly sung, recorded on video and disseminated in their propaganda material.
Bersih 4 Chinese Petaling Street

Bersih: We’re ignoring your objections and police reports

Several quarters lodged police reports objecting to the Bersih rally but the Bersih organizing committee simply ignored the objections.
Several quarters have lodged police reports objecting to the upcoming Maruah rally but the Red Shirt convenors can similarly ignore the objections too. After all, in doing this they’re merely following in Bersih’s footsteps.
Some quarters objected to the Bersih assembly, saying that the gathering would have disruptedBUSINESS around the Sogo and Jalan TAR areas, and forcing their shops to close for the day. Who cares – shrugs Bersih.
Some quarters object to the Maruah assembly, saying that the gathering will disruptBUSINESS around the Bukit Bintang and Jalan Petaling areas, and maybe even force Low Yat to close for the day. Oh well, get a dose of your own medicine – retort the Red Shirts.
So far it’s same-same, no difference in the behaviour of either side.
FMT stop maruah

Bersih: We chose Merdeka eve because we love our country

Bersih held their event on the eve of Hari Kebangsaan and saw nothing wrong in choosing that date. In fact, they picked the date because they’re sooooo patriotic.
Maruah will hold their event on Hari Malaysia and they chose the Sept 16 date because heck, they’re just as patriotic as the Yellow Shirts.
Some groups tried to stop Bersih but 500,000-strong movement (konon) just streamrolled past them.
Some groups, DAP and MCA too, are trying to stop Maruah. The Red Shirts should ask MCA why the Chinese BN party was earlier alright with the Bersih rally but is now so adamantly against the proposed Maruah rally.
Bersih toilet brush

Bersih: We’re marching to end corruption… save the whales and planet Earth from global warming and for the sake of world peace

The Bersih people swear that they’re demonstrating to demand a clean government and good governance.
The Maruah people say that they’re demonstrating to uphold the federal constitution and the basic structure of our nation.
The Bersih people occupied the streets for 34 hours, and see nothing wrong with that. In which case, why should they think that the Maruah people who only intend to stay on the streets for 12 hours (since they’re less kiasu) are being wicked and evil?
Why the deafening moral outrage and outpouring of angst from the DAP and the Chinese all because some Malays and a few Umno leaders desire to replicate the secret of Bersih’s street success?
Neither rallies are about race – they’re all Malaysians, wakakaka

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