Tuesday, 1 September 2015




1. I attended the demonstration organized by the Bersih on 29 to 30 August. Many have wondered whether I have become a supporter of Bersih. Do I support the opposition party DAP and Kit Siang. There are also some that asked whether I now favour the Chinese.

2. I did say that street protests should not be used for political pressure as it affects business, especially small businesses and the national economy. Is it not now my action reflects the flip-flop nature of politics.

3. I do not agree with demonstrations as there are other avenues that can be used to pressure the Government when there is abuse of power.

4. We can make a police report, hoping the police and the public prosecutor will take action, bringing the accused to court.

5. But now Najib had dismantled and destroyed the institutions of government that are tasked with protecting the rights of citizens.

6. When the accused had made Government money disappeared through 1MDB, Najib handed over the investigation to the Auditor General and the Parliamentary Public Accounts Committee. People were told to wait until the investigations by these agencies are completed.

7. When the sum of RM2.6 billion appeared in Najib’s personal account, and he cannot deny this money in his account, and many had asked where the money came from, and no reasonable explanation can be given by Najib, then a task force was formally formed to investigate this money.

8. The task force is comprised of the Public Prosecutor, Inspector-General of Police, Head of Anti-Corruption Agency and Central Bank Governor.

9. People were waiting for the results of this investigation. Suddenly, the Public Prosecutor was dismissed by Najib, Head of Anti-Corruption Agency was ordered to go on vacation, and Central Bank Governor threatened because it seemed Bank Negara leaked information. Thus ceased the investigation by this body.

10. At the same time the Chairman of the PAC and the three other members were given positions in the Government and the investigation by PAC on 1MDB money was stopped.

11. Several police officers and other officials were moved to other positions so that they were no longer able to continue the investigation.

12. What is left and the newly appointed are people who do not show any interest in making investigations, even wilfully obstructing any investigation into 1MDB money and RM2.6 billion in Najib’s account.

13. All channels to investigate 1MDB and RM2.6 billion in Najib’s account are no longer available.

14. Instead Najib and his henchmen often times claimed the RM2.6 billion money is a donation. No necessity to identify the donor, the source of his wealth, in what form the money was given, the banks involved and other details. In fact, this claim does not make any sense.

15. To leaders of UMNO Najib claimed the RM2.6 billion is for the 14th General Elections. If this is for the party to buy ‘nasi lemak’ or drinks or rent cars as in the past, this is hundreds of times more than the amount of money required.

16. But in order to bribe leaders and members of the House of Representatives by millions for each person, to bribe officials in order to deceive, it is highly probable that a sum of RM2.6 billion is required.

17. If Najib wins by bribing, he will need more money to retain himself as the PM and for PRU 
15. From where will come the billions if not illegally. Malaysia will be governed by a Prime Minister who relies on corruption. He himself said, “Cash is King”. This is the King that is worshipped by Najib.

18. Najib will deny, but the situation in the country is now very bad. Tense race relations. The value of Ringgit and shares fell very badly, much worse than Thailand, Singapore and other countries. The cost of living skyrocketed because of GST and others. National debt piled up and others.

19. This is the future of Malaysia if Najib remains. All avenues to change the Prime Minister according to the law and the National Constitution have been closed by Najib. Only the sacred voice of the people assisted by a vote of no confidence in the House of Representatives can bring down Najib and save the country from the corrupt.

20. Therefore, I had to join street demonstrations organized by Bersih themed ‘get rid of Najib because of corruption’, and I appeal to UMNO and BN members of Parliament to support the vote of no confidence on Najib. BN will not fall after Najib is dismissed. BN is still the majority party.

21. As long as Najib remains in authority that will be for how long there is going to be economic slump, fall in ringgit, fall in stocks, the rise in cost of living because of GST, national debt will piled up and cannot be paid, increased unemployment, billions of public fund misused.

22. This is the fate that awaits Malaysia because of Najib.

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