Tuesday, 2 May 2017

Oops Its 100,000 Bankrupt. NOT 49,000 !

Oops Its 100,000 Bankrupt. NOT 49,000 !

There seems to be a higher number of Civil Servants going bankrupt. The Star reports a figure of 100,000 from the same Cuepacs boss. Here is the news : 


civil servants taking more loans to cope with rising cost of living
thinking it would offset expenditure owing to rising inflation 

How wrong they are. 
up to 100,000 civil servants soon be bankrupt

situation worse as more taking up loans from loan sharks

they could lose their jobs or get suspended

more domestic problems like di­­vorce, broken families.

imagine if half of 100,000 civil servants married with children

20 financial institutions provide loans to civil servants by monthly deductions.

civil servant eligible for RM50k loan, go to 4 banks and get RM200k

submit fake salary slips 

this alarming situation

given economic situation, govt servants should tighten belts 
rather than find short easy way out.
akin to digging a hole to fill another 
Cuepacs has 1.2 million members and 106 affiliated unions.

My comments : So it was not 49,000 bankrupt. Almost 100,000 could go bankrupt. This is the result of the 'ketuanan' thieves not only stealing taxpayers money but they just do not know what to do to grow the economy.

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