Thursday, 5 January 2017

Noose Tightens In Singapore : Annus Horribilis For 1MDB Bad Guys

Noose Tightens In Singapore : Annus Horribilis For 1MDB Bad Guys

Here is the latest from Singapore:

S'PORE - authorities charge Falcon Bank manager Jens Sturzenegger 
16 offences relating to 1MDB, to plead guilty on Jan 11
disclosed in Spore court on Thurs (Jan 5).

Oct 2016 Falcon was 2nd bank to be closed down by S'pore over 1MDB
Sturzenegger 4th person charged in S'pore 
global probes into money-laundering, corruption at 1MDB 

Yeo Jiawei, guilty of tampering witnesses in 1MDB case, will appeal conviction 
Yeo sentenced on Dec 22 to a 30-months jail 
also faces money-laundering charges, set for April.
Yeo 3rd BSI banker found guilty in Spore's 1MDB investigations

Yak Yew Chee sentenced in Nov to 18-week jail term 
Yvonne Seah was jailed for two weeks on Dec 16 

My comments : This suggests when Singapore will issue a warrant of arrest for Jo Lo. It is likely that Yak Yew Chee and Yvonne Seah have agreed to be witnesses in any JoLo trial.  Hence the short sentences. This means they also need to be placed under protective custody - otherwise they too may be fishing the sea without a fishing pole. 

Yak Yew Chee will be released from jail sometime in April.
Yvonne Seah should have already been released.

This Mat Salleh guy will plead guilty on 11th January, six days away. 
He faces 16 offences. 
Even if they give him one week per offence that is 16 weeks or four months in jail.

I guess the arrest warrant for Jo Lo will be issued say March to April. Or earlier.

Imagine the fuss it will create. And the Barisan Nasional is going to the polls this year?

UMNO and BN have a real death wish.

In 2013, MO1 lost the popular vote and lost more of the 2/3 majority mainly because of his wife. 

Just the wife alone almost caused the BN the 13th general elections.

The situation has not gotten any better for the BN and UMNO. 
It has actually gotten worse.

Now not only has the Hippo situation become worse, but they have to contend with:
  1. the RM55 billion 1MDB scandal
  2. the GST making the people poor
  3. the FGV shares hitting toilet paper grade 
  4. the Felda - Eagle High scandal
  5. the sacking of the AG
  6. sacking Muhyiddin Yassin
  7. sacking Mukhriz Mahathir
  8. sacking Shafie Apdal 
  9. sacking / transferring MACC, AGC and Police staff
and so many more scandals.  

People have also died strangely especially Kevin Morais. (Not forgetting Hussein Najadi, that Mongolian girl and the PI guy). 

With all these extra and more worse scandals, do they really think that UMNO and the BN are going to win GE14? They cannot be that stupid. 

Some people say if there are 3 cornered fights, it is UMNO/BN that will benefit. 

If there are 3 cornered fights, it is NOT UMNO/BN that is going to get the biggest corner seat.  Think again.

Then there are rumours . . . .which I will not divulge.

It is certainly suicidal for UMNO / BN to enter the general elections with this amount of crap sitting on their dinner plate.   Imagine a warrant of arrest for JoLo or the step son? 

This is going to be a real bad year for the bad guys.  

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