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[omg!!! ... ] ... Saudi No Mani, Cut Budget, Malaysia No Mani, Tapi Will Invest In Saudi, Bugis To Expand Budget Using Bicycle Pump.

Saudi No Mani, Cut Budget, Malaysia No Mani, Tapi Will Invest In Saudi, Bugis To Expand Budget Using Bicycle Pump.

There is some unbelievable news below here. But do read  this part first :

Talk is the Boogey is going to announce an expanded Budget - like there is no tomorrow. 

Bugis advisers have told him that other than Syed Akbar Ali, who monitors the Budget anyway?   After two or three days, does anyone recall last year's Budget speech? Do you? No?   So the Bugis can say anything he wants in the Budget. No one is going to keep track. 

I think this year he will mention that Borneo Highway again - for the sixth year running. 

After I started harping about it (every year for four years), he has stopped mentioning that billion Ringgit  udang farm somewhere in Sabah.  What happened to that udang farm? Where is the udang? 

Before I forget, a looooong time ago  I wrote (and no one listened) that the Felda folks were getting paid late - TWO weeks after they harvested the oil palm fruits.  Well things have gotten even worse for the Felda folks. Now they dont get paid even ONE MONTH after they have sold their harvest to Felda.  There is no money to pay them on time. 

Anyway, Saudi Arabia is also going broke. Saudi Arabia is expected to cut their Budget by 70%. They have no mani.  Here is some Bloom-burger: 

1) Oil Income Plunged About 70% in 5 Years
  • Saudi crude rev. slumped 68% (from 2011) to US$89b this year 
  • slide after OPEC adopted Saudi strategy in 2014 
  • to pump as much as they wanted
  • prices fell to $28 a barrel in January.

2) Spending Cuts
  • Saudi slashed capital expenditure > 70% this year. 
  • salaries forecast to decline 19%
  • investments in infrastructure <10 govt="" of="" span="" spending="">
  • govt delayed payments to contractors 
  • to cancel > US$20b projects
  • suspends bonuses, trims allowances for govt employees.

3) Government Debt is Rising Fast
  • Saudi selling domestic bonds to fund largest budget shortfall 
  • Debt ballooned > 6 times since 2014 
  • Most debt is domestic. 
  • 1st 8 months of 2016 govt raised 94b riyals 
  • sale of govt bonds to local banks, institutions
  • last year 98b riyals 
  • US$10b sovereign loan in May
  • by 2020 public debt 30% of economic output (from 7.7%)

4) PIF Will Cut Back on Lending

Saudi "Public Investment Fund"
Outstanding loans by PIF increased to 104b riyals (2015)
PIF “will not act as source of lending" 

In brief Saudi Arabia is in deep shit. Their oil revenues are down 70%. They are cutting their development Budget by 70%. 

Their PFI (sovereign wealth fund) WILL NOT BE LENDING MONEY to their own development projecrs.

So who will invest money in their development projects? 

Jeng...Jeng...Jeng..Its MALAYSIA ! !

HOORAY !  !  


Muahaha .. ma'a saalaama ya akhie min Malaizie, ma'a salaama. Anta bawa duit banyak-banyak untuk kami? Shukran, shukran.

  • Zahid greeted by Undersecretary of Interior Ministry Ahmed Salim
  • RIYADH, Oct 13 — M'sia identified several infra projects in Saudi
  • Zahid said projects were roads, particularly in Makkah and Jeddah
  • He said this on arrival here Wed for 5-day official visit

My comments :  Alamak !! Zahid is a Deputy Prime Minister of Malaysia. But the Arabs sent an underground, underwater, undersecretary of the Ministry  to meet him at the airport !!

When Bugis went to Arab Saudi they sent the Ketua Kabilah of Jeddah to greet him.
Anyway a  FIVE day all expenses paid  junkie trip to Saudi Arabia !!  Terror hang Zahid. 

Ponteng kerja LIMA HARI ! !

So LIMA HARI siapa jaga ofis hang kat Putrajaya? Siapa 'cover' kerja hang ?

Zahid janji nak invest di Arab Saudi.  I say Jawa Man, gomen tak ada duit lah. 

Nak bagi makan anak sendiri pun tak cukup duit. Tak percaya ke? Nah baca 'Kenyataan Media' ini :

So you see, nak bagi makan bebudak Matrikulasi pun Kerajaan tak ada duit. 
  • Di Labuan, bebudak Matrikulasi hampir kebulur.
  • Di hospital, doktor tak ada duit buat ujian darah. Ada Surat Pekeliling.
  • Doktor bedah otak tak ada gergaji letrik potong tengkorak. Tak ada duit.
  • Di Terengganu lif Wisma Persekutuan tak jalan. Tak ada duit repair.
Habis mana awak dapat duit untuk investment di Arab Saudi?

I say, the Arab Saudi donated RM2.6 billion to Bugis. 
Bugis said they are very rich. 
Bugis kata "Kabilah Arab bagi duit kepada kabilah UMNO".

Habis sekarang macam mana kabilah UMNO (yang baru dapat sedekah RM2.6b dari Arab Saudi) boleh ada duit untuk invest dengan kabilah Arab Saudi pula? 

Arab Saudi pula boleh pokai. 
Arab Saudi pula tak ada duit.
The talk is that the Bugis is going to announce an expansionary Budget 2017.

Fuiyyo. Duit mana mari?

Last year Bugis said RM26b minus RM9b = RM15 billion.  Or something like that.

Did Petronas really provide that RM26 billion in 2016?  

So for 2017 how much will Petronas contribute?

Is it true that Petronas total contribution will only be RM6 BILLION for 2017 Budget !! This is coffeeshop talk but not Kedai Kopi Setarbak ok.

How much is Petronas able to contribute for the 2017 Budget? Jangan masuk angin keluar asap.

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