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The Attack On Marawi City - Malaysia Is Partly To Blame

The Attack On Marawi City - Malaysia Is Partly To Blame

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My comments :  Do you all recall this picture :

The moron is standing there. Not a clue about what is going on, whether he is coming or he is going.  This peace accord was signed in 2014. Just about a year after the Abu Sayyaf attacked Lahad Datu in Sabah.

This peace accord left out the Abu Sayyaf, the MNLF, the BIFF, the Maute group etc. Yes they are all terrorists but when you make peace, you make peace with your enemies. You do not make peace with your friends.  In this picture above, they are making peace among their friends.

Moron is going, 'Ha ha ha, ho ho ho'.  
Lebih baik hang pi mel_nc_p lah b_doh.

This was the peace effort in which Malaysia played a large part (led by a kepala botak Tengku fellow in the MKN or the Research Wing of the PM's Dept or something).  What a terrible bungle.

Listen to the video closely. 

The Maute Group started this fight in the town of Butig after they had been left out of the peace process. (In the Philippines 'peace process', 'peace accords' etc means paying money to the warlords. They were not paid money.)

From Butig the fighting then spread to Marawi City.  The entire Marawi City  has been destroyed in the fighting. The Philippine Air Force dropped bombs on the town to flush out the terrorists. 

Lets keep this short.  Malaysia will mind our own business - for now. Do not take sides. Do not get involved in wiping the shit off other peoples' smelly backsides.  

Malaysia is not a tukang cuci jamban orang. They create the shit, let them handle their own crap. No need to bring other peoples' crap to our country.

The same goes for our involvement in the Yemen. We are helping the barbaric Saudis kill men, women and children. This is a war crime. Malaysia is involved in a war crime. Malaysia has the blood of innocent human beings on its hands.

Jangan jadi tukang cuci jamban orang lain.

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