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Sheikh Aaeed entered the Rawdha Rasulallah ﷺ, and this is what he saw inside

Sheikh Aaeed entered the Rawdha Rasulallah ﷺ, and this is what he saw inside

Everyone has a curiosity to know how the Prophet’s chamber looks from inside. What are the things placed inside it?

As a common person is not allowed to have a visit of it, people are curious to know about it.

So, brace yourselves as a Saudi man has briefed the public about the details of the inside of the Prophet’s Chamber.

The Prophet’s chamber is a sacred chamber located in Madinah, a holy city.

The chamber is also known as the Hujra.

King Faisal bin Abdul Aziz visited the Prophets chamber and was escorted by Saudi sheikh, Aaeed Ben Omer Al Rouis.

King Faisal was a Saudi ruler whose reign dates to 1964 to 1975.

Now the Saudi sheikh has briefed the story of his and King Faisal’s visit to the chamber.

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Sheikh Aaeed Ben Omar al Rouis said that when he and King Faisal entered into the chamber they found a lot of amazing things there.

He said there were also mysterious boxes made up iron placed there.

The boxes were locked and we were simply unaware of what was possessed inside by them.

In an interview that has been uploaded to the YouTube, Sheikh Aaeed informed that King Faisal passed an order.

He demanded the formulation of a committee that shall be duty bound to count the contents placed inside the chamber.

There shall be a complete official record that display what are the belongings of the chamber.

Also, a complete survey shall be done of the two iron boxes that were locked: their contents shall be described and enumerated.

According to the sheikh, a committee that was formulated comprised of members from the Ministry of Islamic Affairs and Endowments, the Ministry of Finance and the Audit Bureau.

Sheikh Aaeed Ben Omar al Rouis informed that he was the member of the formulated committee and represented it through the ministry of Finance.

He told that after the evening prayers were offered, they were ordered to go inside the chamber and accomplish the given task.

The contents of the chamber were then registered.

A jewelry expert was taken along and historic records were used to identify the objects.

When the two iron boxes were examined.

One was equipped with gold and jewelry while the second one possessed chains made up of silver.

He also told that some objects were identified to have been belonged to the Prophet (PBUH): there were some private correspondences that have been linked to the Prophet (PBUH).

He further told that it took 15 days to accomplish the task endowed onto them by King Faisal. 15 days were required to make a catalog of the things that were inside the chamber.

He briefed that the committee recommended keeping the jewelry in the Madinah Museum so that public could take a view of it.

The jewelry shall be kept under the supervision of the ministry of finance.

He also disclosed that the personal correspondences were handed down to the Saudi Arabia’s ministry of education.

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