Sunday, 26 February 2017

Ministers Are Split, Even The "Advisors" Are Split.

Ministers Are Split, Even The "Advisors" Are Split.

Anifah Aman is not the only Minister who is unhappy.  (By the way, there are FOUR State EXCO members in a particular State who are ready to 'jump ship'. I will not entertain any private email or smses asking who or which state, sorry folks.) There is serious dissension within the ranks.

As I predicted (it is no rocket science) Anifah finds it increasingly difficult to converse with foreign missions and foreign diplomats whenever they bring up the 1MDB and other MO1 related issues. And Anifah has been obliged to 'tolerate' China.

The Ministers are split in their support for MO1.  Talk is MOI has complained more than once that not all Ministers are with him to fend off Dr Mahathir's attacks.   Which is true because not all Ministers attack Tun Dr Mahathir. Many remain quiet. Their feeling is, "Duit dia bantai, lepas tu suruh kita defend pula."

Even among the Advisors around MOI  they are split. Not all of them support MOI. Talk is that one Se·ño·ra who publicly supports MOI says many (but true) things abouthim in private.  "  .  .. di belakang kata macam-macam".  So there is plenty of hypocrisy going on.  Are we surprised?

And Sarawak under the new Chief Minister Abang Jo is pulling even farther away from MOI.  Sarawak is reiterating that they will work "with the sitting Prime Minister".  Their loyalty is NOT to MOI.  The 31 parliamentary seats in Sarawak will support whoever is PM. 

And if Shafie Apdal wins in Sabah, then Sarawak is prepared to follow 'Sabah's lead' in dealing with Putrajaya.  Sarawak has made it plain that they do not want UMNO inSarawak. Sabah also does not want UMNO. Together Sarawak and Sabah will work to 'send UMNO back' to Semenanjung.

On the ground level, the sentiment among the people in Sarawak is increasingly against UMNO / BN (from the Semenanjung).    This is no great secret.

Lets see what the cat drags onto the lawn tomorrow.


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