Monday, 5 February 2018

Criminal Case Looms In US, 'Sue you next Tuesday' loyar fumbles MOI case.

Folks, recall about SIX MONTHS AGO :

  • The FBI and the US Dept of Justice told a US District Court that they are stopping the civil suit in the matter of 1MDB, MO1, the step son and others and wish to pursue a criminal case. 
  • The US District Court allowed the DOJ's application  but told them to report back on their progress in SIX MONTHS. 
  • That SIX MONTHS is due soon, as early as February 8th, 2018 ie next Thurs (or maybe later in early March).

So when the hearing continues again, the Court will hear the results of the FBI's criminal  investigations and make a decision if the case shall continue as a criminal proceeding or revert back to the civil suit. 

It is not likely that the FBI / DOJ will be unable to prove their case for criminal proceedings - if that is what they wish to do. As I have stated before these kampong boys have left an evidence and document trail wider than the hippo's butt.

Here is a refresher video :

Link :

It is also likely that in a criminal case, there will be no more use of anonymous acronyms like MO1. Imagine MO1's identity being confirmed in a US District Court hearing about corruption, kleptocracy and thievery? The elections are around the corner. 

Imagine MOI's butt lickers running around KL checking out the backdoor exits for every Indian thosai shop,  every Starbucks,  shopping malls, the Batu Caves Temple etc.  Just in case MO1 has to exit in a hurry to avoid the Press. 

Anyway, here is more news about MO1's  1MDB scandal. 

Court orders PM, 1MDB to enter defence in suit against IPIC settlement
Najib, (1MDB), govt to enter defence in suit re 1MDB settlement with (IPIC).

High Court decision to dismiss application for  stay to file defence
parties would not suffer prejudice filing defence, 6 months since suit filed

youth group (GANT1) filed suit July last year.

judge stated no statement under oath that award between IPIC / 1MDB under OSA
court given defendants Feb 9 to file defence

lawyer Datuk "Sue You Next Tuesday" to file against order

Jan 9, Court dismissed application to strike out on grounds GANT1 no jurisdiction 

GANT1 seeking order IPIC/1MDB agreement on May 11 declared invalid
to compel Najib, govt,  1MDB provide detailed accounts of ALL money 
to return payments wrongly paid to IPIC, Aabar, Aabar BVI ETC

US$1.2B loan and US$3.54B cash to several entities
IPIC claimed it never received any payment from 1MDB

1MDB paid money to Aabar BVI 
IPIC said Aabar BVI did not belong to it

My comments :  So now, at last there is a case for the thieves to answer in a Malaysian Court.

This case is really embarrassing for the Malaysian AG as well as the SPRM.

The AG said there was no case to answer over 1MDB.

What is the SPRM doing?  
Well for one thing the SPRM Boss just married "that woman". 
Have you all seen those wedding pictures? 
Selamat Pengantin Baru Tuan.
Pandai mengorat bini orang.
Jangan lupa bini tua ok. 

You really cannot expect much from these boys.

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