Monday 9 June 2014

TO UMNO MEMBERS ! Hannah Yeoh: “Umno’s old and cheap politics”, “dirty minds, filthy tactics!”

Hannah Yeoh: “Umno’s old and cheap politics”, “dirty minds, filthy tactics!

Out of the abundance of her heart,
the mouth of Madame Speaker speaks
– see Hannah Yeoh’s tweets below.
Twitter - hannahyeoh UMNO old cheap

@hannahyeoh: “Umno’s old & cheap politics”

Kit Siang’s “new politics

Twitter - hannahyeoh- Race-based BN must go

@hannahyeoh: “Race-based BN must go”

But Kit Siang’s cronies are here to stay


The new DAP royalty

Twitter - hannahyeoh this is y race-based politics

@hannahyeoh: “Folks let’s move beyond race!”

And look at how the DAP delegates vote for their CEC

Twitterhannahyeoh UMNO own everrything

@hannahyeoh:“so much for parliamentary neutrality in msia

Selangor Speaker does not allow for ‘Allah’ issue to be debated in the House
Twitter - megathaz- But please hate UMNO! @hannahyeoh

“But please hate Umno!” @hannahyeoh

DAP is all about love. love, love … and what goes around will surely come around

Since the DAP has been giving and spreading only an abundance of love, there is no reason for the party to complain about getting hate speech in return. You give love, you get love.
source : helen ang's blog

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